Whistleblower Kids Expose SATANIC PEDOPHILE RING In School/Church. They Need Our Help!


People are beginning to show less and less trust in “authority” and for very good reasons. But once you go down the rabbit-hole to find out how far the corruption goes, it leads to increasingly darker and more disturbing cases. One of which is Satanism and pedophilia within high-profile institutions. If you are having a difficult time believing this, I suggest hearing out a Former FBI Chief exposing the reality of satanism and pedophile rings HERE. If you do a quick Google search as well, you will see that elitist pedophile rings aren’t really a secret anymore.

Cover-Up Of Organized Satanic Child Abuse Cult In Hampstead

A particular case of satanic child abuse has recently been exposed by 2 victims themselves, 8-year old Gabriel and 9-year old Alisa.

“My dad lies to my mum. He doesn’t only see us on Saturdays. He sees us every single day in school where they do sex to us.”

That is what Alisa, Gabriel’s sister said about her British father after revealing how they both were being sexually abused from an early age. Both children identified him as the leader of a sexual ritual abuse cult, in which they were being regularly abused and forced to partake in satanic rituals in their school and church. Their Russian mother had a history of domestic violence with him that included 5 Police call-outs and 3 reports.

The mother had long noticed signs of unhappiness, suppressed anger and stress in her children. What she could not imagine was the underlying cause, which her children could not speak of because they were threatened to be killed if they spoke out. It is only in August, while on holiday with them, that she learned about what was really going on. The mother explained that on one occasion, Alisa’s friend from school came to play at their house and asked her if she was going to “have sex with the children.” When Alisa answered ‘no,’ her friend asked why they don’t tell about what was going on in school. Alisa then reminded her friend about the threat of being killed.

The mother reported the crimes to Barnet Police on the 5th of September 2014 and medical examinations of both children confirmed sexual abuse and violence. Hair follicle tests were also conducted to ascertain whether drugging had taken place, yet the mother has not been allowed to see the results.

Despite the physical evidence of abuse, the police closed the case as “no crime confirmed” without even considering the results of the medical forensics and investigating the case properly.

Authorities Covering Up The Facts?

According to the children, the police and child services are in on it, which could explain why, in their own words, “The police are not helping.”

A week after the crime had been reported, the children were taken into “protective” custody and 6 days later, for some unknown reasons, retracted their allegations. They were held isolated “in care” by the Local Borough of Camden and since then Barnet. Apparently, the explanation provided by authorities was that the children made their story up from the film “The Mask of Zorro.” This film has allegedly been used in another case to disprove children’s accusations of abuse.

Private meetings between the Local Authority’s barrister and the Judge are going on behind the mother’s back, which violates the ‘Code Of Practice’ and could indicate a certain common agenda between the Judge and the Local Authority. Already, the alleged accused has more contact with the children than the mother, while the Russian grandparents and the older half-brother have hardly any. A 12-day fact finding hearing is scheduled to start on February 16th at the Royal Courts of Justice in London – in the secrecy of family courts – without the general public or any media.

Are The Children Telling The Truth?

There is a lot of debate about whether or not this whole story is a fabrication, however my own intuition tells me the children were not lying – hence why I feel a responsibility to help by sharing this information. Hearing them describe their experiences on video convinced me of the validity of their claims.

Here’s why:

The precise depiction of their experiences, the way they never hesitated when asked about further details, how they took initiative in providing information and personal thoughts without constantly needing questions to initiate responses, and the way they would unexpectedly bring up additional details and take charge of the conversation – proves to me that they were actively referring to their own memories. Not to mention their explicitly detailed knowledge of the existence of such perverted acts at a very young age…

Some say that if it was true, the children would sound more traumatized. However, they said themselves that they have grown used to it. I have also listened to interviews of satanic child abuse victims stating that as children, they believed it was “normal” and happened in “every family” because it is all they ever knew. That being said, it is possible to become desensitized to violence and abuse.

The mother writes:

“I believe that most of the information my children have revealed is true. There is no way a child could create a story like that, with so many intricate details… It is out of the question that Mr Christie or me would coach the children to say things like that. Neither of us would ever put the children through this for whatever reason, and create such unbelievable situation for ourselves. Even supposedly we coached them to say this, the children of that age could not possibly repeat the same story all over again to the different adults in different circumstances without hesitation or changing the details. Although we know that they have retracted their statements, the children still, even now keep coming back to the same story and the details, while in the foster care to the degree that it became unbearable for their caretaker Carol to look after them. She no longer wants to do this.”

Here is a comment found in a forum from a friend of hers:

Here is the video of the children detailing their experience, featuring former FBI chief Ted Gunderson.

We Can Help

At this point in time, the evidence of institutionalized pedophilia is becoming overwhelming. However, if we allow this case to be forgotten, it is once again setting a standard for such cases to keep on being suppressed and for the cover-up to continue.

Here is the link to a petition to get the children out of “care” and back to their mother: Return ‘Whistleblower Kids’ and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Russian Family!

Signing petitions is not all we can do to address this issue, which is far more widespread than most think. When it has reached a point where pedophile rings and dark rituals are tied to government, I think it’s a pretty good wake up call to stop trusting and relying on “authority,” and perhaps stop believing in “authority” altogether. Ultimately, for real change to happen, enough of us will have to stop complying with the system or trust that change will come from it. After all, it is set up to maintain the status-quo and protect authorities regardless of their actions (Royal Family granted new right of secrecy). Change will have to come from us – the people – uniting, getting informed and becoming self-reliant. If we want to change the world, we need to start by reclaiming and caring for our own communities, or else they will.


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Vía Collective-Evolution http://ift.tt/1EZdVwg


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