‘The gamblin’ man is rich and the workin’ man is poor and I aint got no home in this world anymore’


The gamblin’ man is rich and the workin’ man is poor and I aint got no home in this world anymore‘ …. goes Woodie Guthrie’s famous song from the Asch recordings of 1944. Today this song  is being sung  in the hearts of countless families made homeless by bankster/vulture fund aggression laid at their doors. As deadly a blow as any against the wellbeing of human beings. Vulture funds like Cerberus, who have had super discounted, sugar coated, sweetheart deals from Ireland’s NAMA (National Assets Management Agency) do not care about your or anybody else’s life. They are happy to take the roof from over your head and turn quick profits.

Cerberus, the US vulture fund that bought Nama’s Northern Ireland loans, paid less than €1,900 tax on the €77 million profit it earned from the assets last year, newly published figures show….Company structured business in Ireland in order to benefit from section 110 tax break

The death of a homeless man, ironically by the shopping trollies, at a mall in Co. Louth ,while Irish law makes taxation optional for the 1%  and legally allows government agencies make rubbish real estate deals on behalf of Irish citizens,  points up just where our elected representatives loyalties lie. Time that the Irish electorate woke up!

Cerberus paid €1,900 tax on €77m Project Eagle profits

Homeless man died after sleeping rough on sub zero night

€1.6bn Nama sale in North was ‘sweetheart deal’ of fraud and embezzlement, inquiry is told

Vía Max Keiser http://ift.tt/2fGm0k0


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