The MAGA Trend Continues: Trump Convinces Carrier to Remain

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The MAGA Trend Continues: Trump Convinces Carrier to Remain

Written by Nathan McDonald CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)





Already, we have discussed the “Trump effect” that is gripping America. We are seeing people and companies turning theirbacks on globalism in record numbers and beginning to think about America first.



The time for the West to begin taking care of itself once again is now. The elite who have ruled over us for decades have gutted our jobs, siphoned off our wealth, and at the same time, made us feel guilty for our past successes. This trend is fortunately coming to a stop.



Already, Donald Trump has made deals to keep a Ford SUV plant in America and Foxconn is strongly considering moving their manufacturing back to the United States. Both of these are huge wins for Americans and have been discussed at length on this blog, but the MAGA trend doesn’t stop there.



One of the strongest talking points that Trump uttered on his campaign trail was about Carrier, the massive air-conditioner company that decided to move its manufacturing to Mexico, during the election cycle.



This decision became a focal point of the Trump campaign, where he made very serious threats of imposing tariffs on the company if they decided to gut these coveted American jobs.



It appears he was serious, serious enough for the company to take notice and reverse this decision, as reported by the New York Times.



This decision has been confirmed by the heads of Carrier, as well as Donald Trump himself, who both state that after a lengthy discussion, the decision was reached.




Once again, this victory proves that Donald Trump is a man of action, a businessman who gets results, not a politician that simply jawbones and says what you want to hear, not what you need.



I predict that we are going to see this trend continue and we are going to see American business moving back to the United States at rates never before seen. This will be a watershed moment in history, as GOOD paying jobs return and help support this desperately failing economy.



Will this ultimately put off the ultimate collapse of fiat currency? Perhaps not, but it is worth a shot. Only time will tell if we can reclaim our past glory. We can hope, at least for now.



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The MAGA Trend Continues: Trump Convinces Carrier to Remain

Written by Nathan McDonald CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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