Kellogg’s Pulls Ads From Breitbart for ‘Not Aligning’ With Their Values; Amnesty Intl Accuses Them of Child Labor Violations

Let’s put this into perspective. The maker of poisonous breakfast cereals pulled their ads from Breitbart, a very popular news site associated with the Trump campaign, because it didn’t align with their values — set forth in their advertising guidelines.

They said associating with brands like Breitbart wasn’t ‘consistent with their brand or corporate image.’

In a scathing report on child labor violations for procuring palm oil in Indonesia, Amnesty International lays waste to corporate giants like Unilevel, Colgate, Proctor and Gamble and you guessed it Kellogg’s.

Amnesty has testimony and video of children as young as 8 years old, pulled from school to work on a slave plantation to endure ‘back breaking labor’,  exposed to harsh chemicals and very heavy materials.

Let’s be clear, placing ads on pro Trump site is not conducive with Kellogg’s corporate image, but buying palm oil from a slave plantation that works 8 year old children is.

The human rights organisation traced a range of well-known products back to the palm oil company Wilmar, which it alleged employs children to do back-breaking physical labour on refineries in Indonesia.
Singapore-based Wilmar counts multinational companies including Kellogg’s, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser and Nestlé among its major clients, according to Amnesty.
In a 110-page report accompanied by a video, Amnesty alleged products sold by those companies were “tainted by appalling human rights abuses … with children as young as eight working in hazardous conditions”.
“There is nothing sustainable about palm oil that is produced using child labour and forced labour. Something is wrong when nine companies turning over a combined revenue of £260bn in 2015 are unable to do anything about the atrocious treatment of palm oil workers earning a pittance.”
She said allegations of child labour at Wilmar were not “isolated incidents but are systemic and a predictable result of the way Wilmar does business”.
In the report, Amnesty alleged that children aged from eight to 14 were carrying out dangerous work without safety equipment, were exposed to toxic pesticides and regularly carried sacks of palm fruit weighing 25kg.
One 10-year-old boy, who claims he started working for a Wilmar supplier aged eight, said he gets up at 6am to gather fruit and works every day but Sunday. “I don’t go to school … I carry the sacks with the loose fruit by myself but can only carry it half full. My hands hurt and my body aches,” he said.

In response to this report, Kellogg’s said “any supply chain violations of our global palm oil principles, we work with the supplier to understand corrective actions and ensure they understand our commitments. If the concerns are not adequately addressed, we take action to remove them from our supply chain.”

The joys of globalism.


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