Neil Cavuto Kicks CNN in the Ass for Ignoring Obama’s Attacks on Fox News Over the Past 8 Years

Over the past 8 years, on a continuous basis, the liberal media has impugned the integrity of the only conservative news outlet in the country (Fox) — laughing and smirking while President Obama kicked them in the shins. Now that Trump refused a question from a reporter at CNN, which was punishment for publishing some very damaging information about him that wasn’t true or fact checked, CNN is crying ‘unfair’, causing their supporters to accuse Trump of (wait for it) FASCISM. There’s a double standard being pressed by here by CNN, wanting to be treated fairly while at the same time being shameful in their own conduct.

The proverbial shoe is on the other foot, claimed Fox’s Neil Cavuto, and it probably isn’t a very comfy one. The Obama administration has gotten away with murder (extra Seth Rich) over the past 8 years and not once did CNN take him to task for it, instead opting to serve him and his ilk in a manner which is the antithesis of a free and independent press.

They’ve ruined the fifth estate, which is why start up media organizations are booming across the internet.


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