Victories for Liberty

January always brings forth a bunch of new state laws, most of which infringe our nation’s liberties. However, there are some bright spots.

For example, Californians will know be able to enjoy a glass of beer or wine at the barber or beauty shop, as long as the shop does not charge their customers for the drink.

Forbidding barber and beauty shops form charring for alcohol means the shops do not have to obtain a license from California liquor regulators. It also means that they are not in direct competition with existing bars and restaurants. (Not that I am suggesting that legislators and regulators tailor policy to serve the interests of the businesses they supposedly regulate.).

Maine residents will also experience a new birth of freedom as they are will be allowed to consume hard cider with an alcohol content of 8.5%, as opposed to 7%. In other alcohol-related news, Tennessee residents will be allowed to consume beer with as much as 10.2% alcohol, while Pennsylvania residents will be able to buy six packs in beer distributors (this is actually a big deal since PA has arguably the most restrictive liquor laws in the nation.)

Illinois residents finally have the liberty to spear catfish with a pitchfork or shot them with a bow and arrow. These may seem small victories, but any rollback in state power is worth celebrating, and I think we can all agree that ensuring individuals can enjoy a beer while they get a trim is better way for legislators to spend their time then regulating cow flatulence.       –

Vía Campaign for Liberty » National Blog


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