GFP Newsletter – 1/13/2017

A conscious man tries to change according to the changing situations, conditions, geographies. He should live consciously, not according to fixed rules. He should live in freedom.

You are asking, is there something universally right and wrong?

The man who comes to know the universal, the man who becomes so awakened that he is no longer part of any geography, any body, any mind, he is just pure awareness …. In that state there is nothing right, nothing wrong.

The man of that state will also have to function on lower levels. Hungry, he will have to eat; thirsty, he will have to drink. He will have to live in some kind of society, with some kind of people. The awakened man is very adjustable, infinitely adjustable, because for him there is nothing that prevents him from adjusting. He is free from all conditions, all barriers. The only thing is for him to see what is applicable in this particular case. He does not live according to principles. Only idiots live according to principles, only unconscious people need principles.

It is just like the staff of a blind man. The blind man needs the staff just to grope his way because he does not have eyes. But when you have eyes you can drop the staff



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Vía The Galactic Free Press


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