Trump’s Sheeple

Like Obama before him, Trump certainly has his own flock of Sheeple, those people who—for reasons difficult for rational people to understand—think he’s the latest Messiah, and see in him not reality, but what they need to see. Like Obama, Trump has his own media sources to play the flute and lead the flock Pied Piper style, or when necessary blow the dog whistle and get the flock on the angry march.

During the campaign and before, those who have subsequently become Trumplings operated by an entirely different philosophy than they do now. Obviously they hated Hillary, and that with good reason. Surprisingly—or perhaps not given the traits of those who could become somebody’s Sheeple—a demographic that might have been described as something between Libertarian and Anarcho-Capitalist quickly morphed into jackbooted, Brown Shirt Stormtroopers.

Consider this: in the past, those who became Trumplings expressed hate for big government, were outraged over the Snowden revelations, believed anything Goldman Sachs-related led straight past Cerberus (the Greek, and later Dante Cerberus, not the PE firm) and the Gates of Hell, and absolutely loved leaks that disparaged Hillary, the Dems or Obama. Also, Trumplings were the most willing to believe the most outrageous tales (e.g., Pizzagate) and swear it was gospel.

How things change!

Trump has seeded his Administration with billionaires in general and Goldman Sachs’ alumni in particular. Trump’s Himmler—a dual national clown named Stephen Miller—said on 12 February on the Sunday talk shows he had been tasked with appearing on, that Trump is above Judicial Review, meaning Trump is above the law. Where is that in the Constitution?

Trumplings were both quick and adamant in their dismissal of Dossiergate, the Christopher Steele report that suggested Russia has lots of compromising material on Trump, quite different from how they absorbed Pizzagate. Trumplings now not only adore Big Government power, they want Trump to act like a tin pot dictator, completely obviating the three branch structure established by people whose intellect and patriotism, plus belief in freedom and liberty, absolutely dwarf Trump. The typical Trump jumbled and incoherent speech is hardly evocative of Patrick Henry. A Trump Tweet is hardly Jeffersonian, nor reminiscent of Monroe and Madison.

Oh, and now the same sort of leaks that were applauded, even demanded by the Trumplings—as well as Trump himself (“Wikileaks! I LOVE Wikileaks!…Russia, please help us find the 30,000 Hillary emails”). Now, however, Trump wants leakers jailed—even if he has no clue about the nature of intelligence, where it sits across the government, who is responsible for keeping secrets, nor even what constitutes a ‘secret’ according to US law—and the Trumplings want leakers executed. The term ‘hypocrite’ doesn’t even begin to define all of that. It demands a new even bigly-er term.

Completely lost on the Trumplings—who accept words over actions—is what Trump hopes to be able to do. Trump, and the now-fired 3-star (not ‘General’, according to military tradition) Mike Flynn, set White House legal staff on the task of figuring out how to obviate laws that restrict domestic data collection by the NSA and CIA. Little Sean Spicer, when asked about this, stated something that falls somewhere between obfuscation and an outright lie. Spicer said, “No such memo or plan exists in the White House.” That is technically true, because the legal staff is housed in the EOB, which is a half-minute stroll from the West Wing, but still within the security cordon of the White House grounds.

Consider what Trump wants to be able to do, and parse that with what the actual capabilities of the US intelligence community are:

Every single communication can be captured. That means every phone call, every SMS, every email, and every Tweet. Posters to public boards—such as, for example, Zerohedge Comments—can be traced back to their source, even if the user connects via TOR. There is no anonymity, not for a poster, a Contributor, or even Tyler himself. None. Let’s say a person posted a comment on Zerohedge that catches the All Seeing Eye of computer-driven surveillance. Within seconds, an entire dossier on the originating individual can be produced, which would include real name and address, DoB, family members, employment history, tax returns, criminal record if any, educational record including grade transcripts, spending habits, weapons owned—everything. Algorithms can then produce an entire personality profile covering everything from political leanings, alcohol consuming habits, sexual preferences and proclivities, the penchant for violence vs mere posturing, even health. In addition, possession of a cellphone means that an individual’s movements can be geolocated 24/7 going all the way back to the date the phone was purchased and registered. The phone doesn’t even need to be turned on; all it needs is a battery—and modern cellphones have inaccessible batteries. The phone’s camera and recorder can also be turned on remotely by a hack. The same hacking can be done with laptops, desktops, iPads and Smart TVs.

Trump wants to have this arrow in his quiver, which is why in one of his very first acts as POTUS he set his legal staff on to this ‘problem’. Does that smack of freedom and liberty?

There is a Twitter accounts that goes by @RoguePOTUSStaff. Ostensibly it is run by some inside-the-White House dissidents. It may well be just that. It posts tweets that give some color as to what is going on in the inner circles of the Administration, and it issues a clarion call for anti-Trumpers to join up and ‘resist’ (via Tweets and SMS, thus revealing identities). It certainly is entertaining (and seems credible because it noted part of the Flynn deal was that Trump would be given his Tweeting back; Trump hadn’t tweeted for a week, then just after the Flynn news, he began playing the 12-year old girl again tweeting his random thoughts). There is a new rumor that the Tweet account might not be what it seems, but that @RoguePOTUSStaff is really a covert op run by Steve Bannon, more or less mirroring The Trust. For those who don’t know, The Trust was ostensibly an anti-Bolshevik organization during the Lenin-Stalin years just after the revolution, but was really a kind of honey pot established by Cheka Head Feliks Dzerzhinsky to identify and capture threats to the Revolution. Is that what @RoguePOTUSStaff really is? Who knows? It would not come as a surprise, however, given Bannon’s (lack of) character and Trump’s desire for dictatorial control.

It is a cliché to call someone a Hitler. During the campaign, people on opposite sides of the political spectrum tossed that epithet at the other side candidate, both at Hillary and Trump. Trump may not be a Hitler, but he WANTS to be. His every act—as opposed to his words—screams that. Trump authorized his first military operation a while back in Bayda, Yemen. He was advised not to do it, because no timely intel existed regarding the likelihood of armed resistance. He ignored the warnings then sent Spicer out to spin it as some sort of ‘win’, even though all they got—besides a dead SEAL, a lost $75 million Osprey, and more hatred from the Arab and Islamic world after killing 30 civilians, including children—were some ten-year old videotapes of bombmaking. Trump seems to have just wanted to exercise the power that allows him to kill living human beings. Trumplings are not listening, preferring fantasy to reality.

Perhaps that is not entirely surprising, that Trumplings should see their man the way they do. The post-election demographics might offer an explanation. Hillary won only 15% of US counties, but her counties account for 62% of total US GDP. Trump won 85% of all US counties, but they only account for a mere 38% of US GDP. Trumplings, by and large, are society’s unproductive underclass. They have seen the success many others in society have achieved, and want in on it. Sadly, they are largely victims of the declining pricing power of labor, something nobody can solve short of war or plague (Maybe Trump will provide that war in his hoped-for attack against Iran.). Outsourced jobs were sent to places like China merely as a way station on the road to oblivion. Technology wins; Trumplings are on a losing streak that is both relentless and intractable.

Trumplings are convinced Trump is their savior, their Messiah. They think Trump will ‘drain the swamp’, oblivious to the fact Trump wants to replace the swamp with a cesspool. In reality, Trump is intent on being the former Libertarians’ and Anarcho-Capitalists; worst nightmare, actually doing the things all Trump’s Sheeple thought the USG did before, when in fact it did not, or rarely did. Sheeple are so easily fooled that they are in favor of handing the fox the keys to the chicken coop. Freedom and liberty—as championed by the Founding Fathers—has never been under threat as much as now in the form of Trump—at least if he somehow can get what he wants. McCarthy did not have the infrastructure and technology that exists in the world today, and upon which Trump is trying to get his hands. Big Brother is now possible, and Trump wants it to be him.

Dismiss this at your own peril—or continue to be Sheeple. Your choice. Baaaa!

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