Why Psychedelic Drugs Are Having A Medical Renaissance (Video)


by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

It has been truly amazing to witness how many things in our world are now changing that were once considered impossible. We have been able to see this to a large degree with marijuana use and research, which is revealing more health benefits and even cures for various ailments every day.

In my lifetime, marijuana use has gone from extremely illegal, to a little bit less illegal, to decriminalized, to the point where now I can literally walk into a cannabis dispensary with a health concern, get a card, and leave with cannabis in my possession — legally.

This is in Canada, mind you, and I know it is not like this all over the world, but even four states in the U.S. have now fully legalized marijuana, and it seems as though all of Canada is heading in that direction, too.

Legalization of marijuana is important for more reasons than you might think. Aside from its obvious benefits to users who suffer from things like pain or anxiety, its legality also makes conducting scientific studies on its potential healing benefits much easier, and that leads to the possibility of it actually being able to help a lot of people who are in need a lot sooner.

So, in less than 26 years, I’ve witnessed all that happen, and still I was shocked when cannabis became legal in Colorado — a good sign that we’re heading in the right direction if ever there was one. It tells us that things really can change, and just because things are the way they are now doesn’t mean they always have to be that way.

The Science Behind It

Scientists have recently begun to do more research into other psychedelic substances and determining any potential health benefits that they might have as well. John Hopkins University and an organization known as MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) have published numerous studies demonstrating the positive outcome for using psychedelics such as cannabis, psilocybin, and MDMA for treatment in mental health issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, and more.

It appears that psychedelics are making their way into treatment studies, and for very good reason. Actually, there was a tremendous amount of research being done in the realm of psychedelics in the 1960s, spearheaded by Timothy Leary. These drugs became widespread for a time, but thanks to the War on Drugs in the 1970s, these substances were made illegal — despite their potential — and all of the research stopped.

Fortunately, the tide is turning again, and people are realizing that, not only are these substances non-addictive, when used in a controlled setting in their pure form they can help those in need tap into an observer’s point of view into their lives.

More on this is explained in the video clip below, which is from PBS news. When topics such as this are on the mainstream news, you can be sure things truly are changing in the world. Check it out!

As mentioned in the video, in order to ensure participant safety, these substances should only be taken under the supervision of trained professionals.

Below are links to some of the studies mentioned:

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Study: Single Session Of Ayahuasca Can Defeat Depression

Ayahuasca: A New Approach To Western Medicine

And there are many, many studies on the therapeutic and medicinal use of cannabis as well, which you can find by clicking here.

Much Love




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