Jean-Claude Cooking Crud

Image result for Jean-claude Juncker eating a meal


Jean-Claude Juncker: “In Europe, the choice is to eat what’s on the table or not come to the table at all.”

Wrong, Jean-Creep Drunker!

The choice in Europe is to eat the EU shit sandwich.  Or, cook for ourselves, or eat elsewhere, or order take-out, or get someone else to cook for us, or go on a diet, or go to a fast food joint, or microwave a TV dinner,…………….etc,etc,etc.

You see there’s a whole wide wonderful world of possibilities out there. The EU baloney snadwich is merely one option, and we’ve tired of the menu, not to mention the inflated prices, jaded decor, conceited chef, snobby arrogant manager, grossly incompetent staff, and excessive “service charge”

Enjoy your burnt Soufflé you supreme scum bag!  

Marinate with Marine! A superb Chef Le Pen specialty.

Image result for Marine Le Pen drinking wineImage result for Le Pen in a cowboy hat



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