USG Monitors Everyone! Get Over it!

Two Crucial Questions:

  • Are we monitored by the USG?
  • Was Russia Involved in Trump’s Electoral Victory?

For some time now, our country has been distracted by these two questions that the #fakenews has hounded on since the surprise? election results.

Guess What??! I know that I am being monitored on a 24/7 basis. How do I know that? I was asked by those who do such things if it was alright for them to monitor me and my internet/phone/TV activities? I politely said “sure” you are going to do it anyway, nice of you to ask. Quid pro Quo: I asked if those monitoring me could help to keep my AOL account [Assholes on Line] pretty much intact and clear of spams.

If I, a nobody in comparison to Trump and his family, can be monitored under the Bush Jr/Obama/Trump administrations, then it is quite facile to presume that Trump himself would also be monitored. The reason is the need for the republic to maintain a constant surveillance over its citizens. I hate to break this to you but Americans have been under NSA monitoring since 1949. Yes, it goes back to the time of FDR!

From the Stanford Law Review:… “when FDR made an end-run and wiretapped US citizens against the wiretapping prohibition of the Congress and the US Supreme Court”… [Neal Katyal and Richard Caplan;Stanford Law Review, P. 102 Vol.60]

What was good enough for FDR back then, believe me that every POTUS since then has also made his own end-run against all the seemingly tight civil/criminal prohibitions from congress and the Supreme Court [including FISA].

Remember: FDR also ordered the massive detention of the American-borne: Japanese, Italians and Germans. Not bad for a bleeding heart Liberal! Don’t get fooled by the all of our POTUSs, both Democrats and Republicans, who might deny knowing anything about the USG’s surveillance of our American citizens. It just a canard! The Republic must be kept safe at all cost even when it is attacking its own people [9/11].
Now onto the second question… whether the Russians influenced Trump’s electoral victory?

The answer is NO!
There is no clear evidence that Russia had anything to do with Trump’s electoral-college win.
For the Russians, it is/was immaterial who becomes POTUS. Putin and his predecessors knew that the USG is far more than the specific occupant in the WH or the State Dept.

Russia’s basic motivation is to trade effectively. So when Russia needed wheat under the Reagan administration, the Iowa farmers earned a lot of money from selling their excess grain to Russia—and to even Cuba. Let us all remember that the “business of America and its foreign policy is BUSINESS!”  The American dollar and the Russian Ruble are wed at all times by national business interests, not ideology.

If Russia wants to sell its oil/gas, we can tamper or not tamper with it at will. Similarly, Russia can use economic warfare to lower the price of gas/oil or wheat/grain, creating a major deficit on our overall trade balance.

Requesting that the FBI investigate presumed Russian interference into our 2016 election is both a waste of money and precious time. It could possibly be a way to funnel illegal funds to some bribable entity.  The FBI relies on a Counter-Intelligence Network that spans over our 17 different intelligence organizations. None of the 17 intelligence organizations will find anything worthwhile or even criminal.

Trump’s legitimacy is ex post facto. It was already determined all the way back in November 2016. All of the aforementioned diversions are nothing but distractions from the far more important task of downsizing a bloated bureaucracy. Over time, millions of USG employees, veterans or not, will have to find a real job, not one where the nanny state pays him/her/trannie conversion. Many are being paid to be lab rats or are in an apparatchik mode of being paid to be an obstruction.

We must demand more serious considerations from our dysfunctional legislative representatives and our highly compromised FBI. Americans have a manifest destiny! We want to become great again! #MAGA




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