20 Conscious Brands Doing Business For Good


Take a look around you. From the products you use to wash your hair and brush your teeth, to the clothing you wear, and the foods filling up your refrigerator and pantry, your buying habits have a huge impact on the world.

For many of us, we have the luxury to live comfortably in our developed countries. We are subject to a culture of consumerism. We are given the opportunity, on a daily basis, to choose from so many different things, from a new shiny car or pretty new pair of shoes to indulgent foods and thrilling entertainment. But such a lifestyle, though we live it passively, isn’t harmless.

While the environment degrades, poverty persists, a lack of access to basic resources or education continues, and human beings and wildlife needlessly suffer, our seemingly simple lifestyles can immensely negatively affect the world.

Perhaps you try and do your part by lending a helping hand to those in need, providing donations when possible. But it’s not enough. Non-profit, though an incredible thing, cannot exist on flailing funds to truly tackle issues of poverty, deforestation, a lack of education, oceanic pollution, and so much more.

So what can?

How about a total shift in the fundamentals of how we live as a whole? If we saw co-existing differently, in which the problems weren’t just save for non-profits, but were the face of our lifestyles, perhaps we would live differently. Perhaps the in-your-face awareness would provoke immediate action. Perhaps we would change what we buy, how we buy, and how much we buy.

The urging shift requires a planet that puts holistic living first. Truly it’s a huge challenge to bridge this gap; to evolve to a place were businesses and creative entrepreneurs use conscious consumerism as their main template.

But it can happen. And it can start with your awareness, in which you choose to become a conscious consumer.

Here are examples of conscious brands that you should choose to make your impact that doesn’t just support the businesses, but the urgent shift needed around the world in its entirety.

Planet Love Life — recycled marine debris awareness accessories collected from beach cleanup projects that benefits ocean conservation

Feed project – makers of quality bags and accessories that gives school meals to children around the globe

Toms – maker of shoes and other wearables that provides shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and bullying prevention to those in need

Alter Eco – producer of healthy foods such as quinoa and chocolate that works to preserve the land and support communities of farmers

Numi Tea – makers of organic and Fair Trade certified teas that support the environment, K-12 education, and wellness initiatives

Whole Earth & Sea — vegan raw food vitamins that use only organic and non-GMO ingredients, that donates $2 of every bottle sold to seewhatgrows.org

Natural Vitality — makers of wellness supplements that sponsors organizations and initiatives surrounding personal, social, and environmental health

W.S. Badger Company – makers of certified organic body care products that support organic farms

Young Living – makers of quality essential oils, that has a foundation focused on providing wellness and education opportunities to those in need

Give Something Back – office supply company that donates 73 percent of after-tax profits to charitable causes fighting hunger, helping the environment, or supporting youth and families

Kiva store  a non-profit organization providing small loans directly to people all around the world, and now they have a shop so you can buy from independent artisans online.

Ten Thousand Villages — a non-profit working with independent small-scale artisan groups, co-ops, and workshops with a fair trade focus to help communities thrive

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition — an extensive online health coach training program that supports holistic wellness and sustainability non-profits

Animal Experience International – providers of volunteer adventure experiences meant to give people interaction with and protect wildlife at sanctuaries, conservatories, and rehab centers

Wapikka – a teddy bear company that feeds a child in Malawi for a year with every bear sold

Everything Happy – makers of children’s clothes, blankets, and pillows, that gives a donation to orphanages, children’s hospitals, or poverty-stricken communities with every purchase

Baby Teresa – an organic clothing company for babies that donates products to babies around the world, as well as helping mothers in need

Bogo Bowl – pet food company that donates food to animal shelters

Smile Squared – makers of bamboo toothbrushes that donates one toothbrush for every purchase to children in need

Klean Kanteen – makers of durable stainless steel cups, bottles, and food containers that donates 1 percent of profits to plastic cleanup efforts, conservation, and environmental stewardship


Vía Collective Evolution http://ift.tt/2oOhjYs


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