Conservative Triad Attacked!

The Conservative Triad Has Been Attacked!

Bill O’Reilly [Fox News], Alex Jones [], Stephen Bannon [White House]….
Sometimes I have to think very carefully before I write a blog about conspiracies. As you already know, I am considered by the ruling elite as a major “conspirator” in the most pejorative sense. Don’t worry, I consider it a badge of honor. Yet more seriously, I could not get over the following coincidences:

  • April 20th Fox News announced that Bill O’Reilly, who has been the lodestar of the Roger Ailes-created Fox News network, was fired for ‘sexual harassment’.
  • Last week, Alex Jones of fame was subpoenaed to appear in an Austin, Texas courtroom, regarding his ex-wife’s accusations that he is ‘barbaric’ and ‘dangerous to the welfare of their three children’.
  • Around that time Stephen Bannon, the Trump strategist from Breitbart, was demoted and reprimanded by POTUS. 

As I reflect over these three sequential events that impact the lifeline of the Republican Conservative Wing which elected Donald Trump, I started to wonder about strange happenings within our Second American Revolution. I have this suspicion that these three seemingly independent events have been carefully orchestrated by some impressive Machiavellian forces outside of our immediate personal purview.

Remember in the world of HUMINT, nothing is an accident.

So if these seemingly separate affairs are actually interconnected, I wonder who profits most from eviscerating the Republican Conservative- Nationalist wing?

The obvious answer would be Hillary and her Democratic compatriots. I think not!
The recent NYT Bestseller book entitled, “Shattered” by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, emphasizes what I said at the beginning of HRC’s campaign. I predicted that she would lose the election because she was not smart enough to know how to use her more sophisticated aides and consultants. I do not think that either she or her aides would have eviscerated a movement like ours. Had they been shrewd enough, they would have done it from the very beginning of our Second American Revolution.

I have come to the conclusion that someone within our very own political movement was clever enough to use us and then neutralize the three most vocal advocates. I look toward the WH and point my fingers at POTUS Donald Trump!
“J’accuse…”! [Emile Zola]

In my humble opinion, POTUS  Trump used the conservative movement and the alternative media as a way of climbing up the greasy pole of Republican politics. When he no longer needed us, he simply instructed Jared Kushner, or someone very close to Donald, to find a surreptitious way to eliminate the very three most influential people who helped to get him into the WH. Clearly, I hope I am wrong.

Mark Cuban, no friend of Trump, but a quite savvy billionaire in his own right, has correctly announced the following:

“Gary Cohn, the Head of National Economic Council, is leading a Democratic invasion of the White House.

  • Cohn, a former President of Goldman Sachs, was personally picked by Jared Kushner.
  • Cohn, an illiterate ex-commodities trader, has bullied his way up the corporate ladder. Now, he is in a brusque confrontation with Stephen Miller, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross.

Wall Street and their cronies have taken hold of the WH and the USG. They have descend upon us like vultures ready to devour their carrion, the American taxpayers.

In the words of the former POTUS John Kennedy:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable!”

Take Heed, Donald Trump!



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