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Climatefags just got choked the fuck out with a plume of coal dust. You know what to do with your thermometers global warming shills — stick them way up your ass and enjoy the scenery — as America mines for coal in your fucking front yard.

The President announced today that he’s pulling out of the multilateral climate treaty — due to its onerous and deleterious impositions on the American people. It’s worth noting, pulling out of the deal doesn’t equate to free license to dump medical waste into reservoirs — but releases us from a vast, global, bureaucracy of inferior sub-humans who errantly punish the greatest people to ever walk the planet, in favor of third world shit-heaps.

In other words, the government will no longer impose rules and regulations on American businesses that people in Nigeria or China are free to ignore.


As a result of this bold, “America first” declaration of war on science, globalist libshits have lost their mind. Former President of Mexico and professional drug smuggler, Vincente Fox, said the United States has declared war on the planet itself.


CNN Fake News points out that by pulling out of the deal, the United States aligns itself with only two other countries, Syria and Nicaragua.


That talking point is completely meaningless, however, since most countries around the world have barely moved past the invention of the wheel. The Paris Climate Treaty was designed to punish the United States, helping to ‘equal the playing field’ by permitting third world cesspools to grow their economies, ‘by any means necessary’ while America shut down industry in the name of carbon emissions.

BEHOLD: President Donald John Trump.

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