BitTeaser- The Decentralized Future of AD Tech

The Advertising sector has now become the game changer for medium scale and established businesses alike. With most of the businesses having a strong online presence, the proportion of marketing expenditure on online advertising has gone up significantly. While 2015 saw an estimated $170.5 billion spent on online advertising globally, this number is projected to shoot up by almost 50%($252 billion) before 2018. The advertising industry is currently under the control of big players with absolutely no means for small and medium scale industries to make a profitable cut.


However, a blockchain powered, decentralized platform ‘ BitTeaser’ is here to tip the scales in the advertising industry. Let’s dive deep into how ‘BitTeaser’ and its blockchain powered tokens ‘BTSR’ will become the decentralized future of AD Tech.

What is BitTeaser?

BitTeaser is a fast-growing Blockchain Powered Smart Network that uses advanced technology to provide next-generation decentralized advertising services. BitTeaser is powered by a digital token with the abbreviation “BTSR.” The network infrastructure allows users to earn tokens by blogging, selling ads, and being an active community member. The system aims to be transparent and fair to its users.

The blockchain will display all of the click-throughs in real-time and can easily be tracked by the community. Previously, the ownership of BTSR would mean the availability of a monthly buyback option based on income generated from BitTeaser activities. Additionally, BTSR token owners could also generate revenue by trading the tokens on exchanges.

However, post-February 2017, BTSR became a digital token where all issued funds are made publicly available, and the value of the token is directly linked to the global demand for advertising. BTSR valuation is based on a combination of speculation and increasing demand for BTSR as a form of payment when the bill needs to be paid for programmatic advertising worldwide.

How is BTSR profitable?


More than a cryptocurrency token, BTSR represents the disrupting potential of blockchain technology in the advertising vertical. BTSR tokens utility as a form of payment coupled by the potentiality of the BitTeaser platform has led to a real price surge of the BTSR tokens in the recent times. The major advantages of BitTeaser are its flexibility and security. BitTeaser cooperates with any company, individual webmaster, or writers and anyone who wants a piece of the marketing pie. It is not just traditional ads network providing ads or affiliate programs that are to be displayed on websites to generate revenue streams. Writers can also submit articles to BitTeaser, get it published at their partnered sites and earn incomes from the displayed ads at writers’ articles. It helps in promoting businesses, or financing activities with donation options.

Launch dynamics of BTSR and its performance

BTSR was launched on 11th March 2016, and the first buyback took place on 2nd May 2016. The tokens are available on the OpenLedger platform backed by Danish OpenLedger ApS, registrar for the Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Users can deposit and withdraw bitcoins or many types of fiat currencies (including USD, EUR and 13 more) in exchange for BTSR. BTSR has been created to follow up the successful launch of the OBITS project which was introduced in November 2015. OBITS is considered the market maker and backbone of all future projects launched on OpenLedger. Currently, with 3,297,830 BTSR Tokens in circulation, the market cap of the tokens is nearing $700K. The buybacks scheduled for 3rd of every month and burning of the tokens had a significant impact on the BTSR value. On an average for every buyback and burning, the token value increased by a solid 12%, keeping the investors very interested in BitTeaser.

With better coverage and adoption of the BTSR tokens for payment, BitTeaser might turn out to be the much-needed game changer for the advertising industry that would make it accessible to the masses.

Disclosure: Deepak Bharadwaz, Crypto Data Analyst for, was paid for his cooperation in preparing this content. Deepak provides Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Trading Intelligence.

Vía Max Keiser


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