The Great Marijuana Debate — Your Life May Depend on it

Mr Sessions crusade against legal Cannabis isn’t just disingenuous, it is cruel and irresponsible. Sessions said recently that he is surprised that more Americans aren’t embracing his stance on weed. He should know that a recent Quinnipiac poll showed 94% of respondents approve of doctor prescribed Pot. That is the highest number yet in a poll of this kind. In Jeff Sessions home state of Alabama, an April, 2017 poll showed 86% of respondents are in favor of legalizing Marijuana for recreational use. 92% said they believe alcohol to be worse than Pot. As of 2016, Alabama law didn’t allow initiatives or referendums. The Alabama Legislature recently voted down “Carly’s Bill”, that would have legalized the use of CBD Oil, that contains little or no THC. How, in this age of the internet can politicians be so out of touch? Mr Sessions doesn’t believe that Marijuana has any medicinal value at all, but US Patent # 6630507 was recently granted to the Department of Health and Human Services. Attorney Sam Mendez, an intellectual property and public policy Lawyer, says it shows a certain

Vía BlackListed News


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