In the Wall Street Journal: ‘Liberalism: Believers Need Not Apply’

Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in the U.K., was forced by his party to resign as its leader in the House of Commons yesterday because he believes things about ethics and morals that Christians (and I might add Jews) traditionally believe.

“Diversity” and “multi-culturalism” have their limits, it turns out, and authentic Christianity and Judaism seem to be beyond the pale.

The Wall Street Journal’s London-based editorial writer Sohrab Ahmari brilliantly told the sad and repugnant tale on Friday in an op-ed essay in the Journal.

Note that Mr. Ahmari usefully reported on recent parallel episodes in the United States, cases that are all the more shameful because this republic’s Constitution has a provision expressly prohibiting religious tests for public office.

Vía The Freedom Pub


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