6-7-17… “If You Experience Any Of These 20 Signs Your Soul Is Getting Quantum Upgrades”

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At this time, I have no idea exactly where I first found this. In any event, part of this originally came from In5D, and this particular article is from It all seemed pretty “relevant” to our current situation. I’m sure that many who read this blog are getting many of these 20 signs, although not all of them may apply to everyone.

“You connect to intense highs of lighter frequencies… You have energetic healing upgrades. You see this in lucid dreaming and astral projection… You see through politics. You have a deep perception of the link between corporate politics, pharmaceutical, and drug and arms industry.

“You appreciate synchronicity, number codes and the language of nature… You feel the need or the renewed drive to get on with your mission… You draw some people towards you, like a moth to a light… You feel disinclined by other people…

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