Will This Be Sean Spicer’s Last Press Briefing? – Live Feed

Amid rumors that The White House is "weighing" the replacement of Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and the collapse in bookies' odds of him making to the end of the year, today's press briefing could well be his last…

According to Bloomberg, the White House is weighing "whether to move Press Secretary Sean Spicer into a more senior role focused on strategy" and bring in a new spokesman for the president, two people familiar with the discussions said.

Spicer has served as President Donald Trump’s press secretary since the beginning of the administration in January. He’s been the subject of speculation for months that he was on the verge of being fired.

Bloomberg hedges that "the discussions on reorganizing the White House communications operation are still preliminary and no final decision has been made" although after months of media mishaps, it is guaranteed that Trump will need at least one scapegoat, and Spicer is likely it.

Meanwhile, Predictit odds have collapsed that Spicer keeps his job…


As Axios reports, news outlets have published stories over the past 24 hours about the Trump administration's lack of transparency — and avoidance of the scrutiny that comes with televised press briefings. Now an updated White House schedule says Sean Spicer will do an "on camera" briefing at 1:30pm ET. That's the jargon term for a briefing you can watch on TV.

Live Feed:

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