Trump Meets Macron in Paris!

POTUS Trump and Melania Celebrate Bastille Day [July 14] with President Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte!

Congratulations to both leaders of their two great nations! Trump cleverly made a fortuitous decision to accept France President Macron’s kind yet shrewd invitation to revisit Paris to reconfigure what initially appeared to be an awkward beginning between the 71-year-old Trump and the 35-year-old Macron.

From a more personal point of view, I have written a novel about the ruthless French Revolution which occurred on Bastille Day:  “My Beloved Talleyrand: The Life of a Scoundrel by His Last Mistress.” This book was published on November 10, 2005. It depicts the life of a debauched Cardinal/French Foreign Minister who betrayed his mistresses; as well as deceiving his fellow countryman, Napoleon Bonaparte. It was Talleyrand who restored the glory of France after the ruthless Jacobean French Revolution.
Today France has evolved into a successful nation of hi-tech companies; trains traveling over two hundred mph [TGV] and a plethora of refugee problems arriving from the Maghreb [North Africa]. Contrary to Maggie Haberman’s NYT July13 ‘17 article insinuating that our superficial POTUS came for the pomp and circumstance of the military parades and the fancy dinners, I maintain that nothing could be further from the truth!

Completely unaware of the significance of what she had written, let me quote the following:
“At the US ambassador’s residence… POTUS joined a lunch that was also attended by MIKE POMPEO [DCI]; Lt Gen H. R. McMaster [NSC], and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. [Chairman of the JCS].”


Let me assure you, that these prestigious intelligence/military officers/operatives are not there to watch French planes fly around in the sky or watch soldiers march through the Arc de Triomphe. I would suspect that they have a full agenda that they want to share with Macron and his own chief of the army, the highly decorated General Jean-Pierre Bossier [CEMAT], regarding one very important issue: counter-terrorism!

By now, we have witnessed several atrocities that occurred in Paris, Nice, Toulouse [my home town], and other places in France. The original counter-insurgency strategies were developed by the French in their fight against Algerian Freedom Fighter terrorists. Later, the French passed on their failing strategy to our CIA which incorporated them to start the Vietnam War. Whatever the past histories are of each country, Macron realized thanks to his time as an investment banker at Rothschild& CIE Banque [closely affiliated with Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase] that alienating any American POTUS was neither feasible nor productive. This is especially true when one is dealing with the creation of a hi-tech society and a robust military/industrial complex [Aerobus].

U.S. generals will meet in secret with their counterparts in the following French intelligence agencies:

  • DGSE: Directorate-General for External Security. It’s the French foreign military intelligence unit.
  • DGSI: General Directorate for internal security.  It is involved in counter-espionage and counter-terrorism and the surveillance of potential threats on French territory.
  • DPSD Directorate for Defense Protection and Security. It’s a military intelligence agency involved solely with counter-espionage.
  • BRGE: Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Brigade.
  • ANSSI: French Network and Information Security Agency.
  • DCPJ: Judicial Police.
  • CNCIS; National Commission for the Control of Security Interceptions.
  • SCRT: Central Service of Territorial Surveillance. [Wikipedia]

In the old days, we operatives would call the Deuxieme Bureau the ‘La Piscine’—the Swimming Pool –which is still located on the French IC properties. Trump’s trip has less to do with parades, fancy dinners, or even bonhomie. This entente between these two longstanding allies will revolve around the issue of how well will our 17 American intelligence units work with their respective French intel/security bureaus.

From what little I already know is that our IC/military community is quite enthralled to work with their French counterparts, most of whom were trained partially or totally in United States and vice versa. Another big issue for discussion relates to the North African immigration/terrorism influx into France, Belgium, and Libya

I am certain that critical strategic/tactical issues regarding present American occupation in the former French colony in Djibouti [Horn Of Africa] at Camp Lemonnier will become a salient issue. France is far more effective in counteracting the tribal/ethnic battles raging in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Central African Republic, et. al. than the novitiate Americans. Instead of sending more American troops, the key issue will be the nature of alternative aid to these impoverished African colonies in order to pre-empt the possible rise of terrorist cells.

I personally am acquainted with one French fighting force: The French Foreign Legion. One of my family members was from Corsica and fought in the FFL. They are perhaps the most lethal fighting force in the French arsenal of kinetic warfare. Their mottos are as follows:

  • Lego Patria Nostra: The Legion Is our Fatherland.
  • Honneur et Fidelite: Honor and Fidelity.
  • Marche ou creve: March or die!

This fighting unit does not swear allegiance to France. Instead it fights and dies for only the Foreign Legion.

The great French writer/philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, wrote the following about the French Army/War:

“It is true that the atrocities in Algeria shows the tragedy of our times is that any one of us can be interchangeably victim or torturer”
For a better understanding of this paradoxical dynamic please read: “Terror Counter Terror”!



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