In The Tank (ep101) – Americans for Tax Reform, How Far Does $100 Go In Your State? and U.S. Manufacturing

John Nothdurft and Donny Kendal present episode #101 of the In The Tank Podcast. This weekly podcast features (as always) interviews, debates, and roundtable discussions that explore the work of think tanks across the country. The show is available for download as part of the Heartland Daily Podcast every Friday. Today’s podcast features work from Americans for Tax Reform, The Century Foundation, the Tax Foundation, and Washington Policy Center.

Better Know a Think Tank

In this week’s segment, Donny welcomes to the show, Paul Blair – Strategic Initiatives Director at Americans for Tax Reform. Paul comes on the show to talk about Americans for Tax Reform as well as the topic of e-cigarettes. He says last week we saw a clear shift it attitudes toward e-cigarettes in the FDA. He explains why this shift may bode well for the e-cig industry.

Policybot Featured Work of the Week

Today’s Policybot Work of the week comes from The Century Foundation. Their recently released report, titled “Why Manufacturing Jobs Are Worth Saving,” analyzes the industry explaining that it is possible to return these manufacturing jobs to the U.S. and why we should.

Hot on the heels of this report, Senate democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, released what they are calling “the better deal.” Included in this “better deal,” are policies to “crack down on currency manipulators,” “punish outsourcing,” and “ensure that ‘buy American’ is a national priority.” As Donny and John comment, many of the policies described are policies promoted by President Trump.

Other work in the World of Think Tanks

Donny and John also talk about a new report by the Tax Foundation titled “What is the Real Value of $100 in Your State?” At first, this seems like a fun little comparison tool, but as Donny explains, these differences in purchasing power has far reaching implications when you can the federal government’s one-size-fits-all legislation and welfare programs.

Building off of this report, Erin Shannon with the Washington Policy Center wrote an article titled “A dollar buys more in right-to-work states.” She explains how, in real dollar value, states that have adopted right-to-work laws dominate the top of the chart.

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