Method to Trump’s Madness?

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As far as Trump & North Korea goes.  
Although it’s majorly unnerving, I do think there is method to Trump’s madness. The U.S. simply can’t let Kim Jong Un weaponize his long distant missiles with nuclear warheads. There can be no doubt that they are getting closer and closer in this regard, if not already there. Clearly, our sanctions policy over the last 30 years has not deterred them……….
Thus, if he has them, that would leave our fate in the hands of a kid who may or may not be unstable, and we simply have no way of gauging his intentions. Certainly, the US can not accept nor live under that condition. Therefore, Trump has decided to fight fire with fire by acting as an unstable loose cannon himself, even though he really has no real intention of starting anything.  
He basically wants to scare the hell out of all the major players in the Far East by leveraging his own tweet freak factor, most notably China, to force North Korea to stand down and agree not to weaponize their missiles. If you really think about it, this is an effective strategy. The alternative; doing nothing, is no longer a viable option, as they are simply too close to realizing their nuclear military ambitions, if not already there. 
By acting as a wild man, Trump is simply trying to force China’s hand to make certain they reign in their dangerous and perhaps unstable little bat shit boy, who could be nuts enough to launch those terrible things on Japan, South Korea or even California. 
I know it seems like Trump is acting like a loose cannon, but in some respects, he really has no choice and this is gambit is worth taking, as the alternative is no longer viable. The only remaining question is will his apparently nuts power bluff be enough to do the trick.

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