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  1. ImaJWalker (@Ima_J_walker)

    They’re in the spotlight due to their banking issues (corruption)…this is not news..it was expected. So sad.. the corruption is so thick worldwide.. you can cut it with a knife a million miles away..
    Here’s a video of truth I’ve been tweeting for those who still don’t get it. If you like it, please share..
    7 Hours with David Icke – Human Race get off your knees.. The Lion sleeps no more..

    Peace from Windsor..

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  3. Laurel

    Santa Maria Energy, LLC is not fracking (public records), and, therefore, they are not dumping fracking waste-water onto crops.

    They are using responsive cyclic steam, as are half of the producers in California, as they have been for over 50 years.

    Please use your reading comprehension skills throughout this article by someone who just became a contributor to OilPrice.com earlier this week.

    “DD” should print a retraction immediately.

  4. barkmanpark

    First time seeing you. Wow! How are the Militarized Cops in Toronto and Guelph? Still beating people up and threatening them if they say anything….then blacklisting anyone who does, and going after them/family/friends for years?! I don’t trust Toronto, or Guelph, or any Eastern Provinces. Globalist PM. Only Democracy in the world with NO real spying (csis) laws. Canada is ripe for plucking. Where is our Trump? https://salvationcanada.wordpress.com/

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