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GFP Newsletter – 8/21/2017

You are an unlit lamp, so only the lamp is seen. When the light comes you forget the lamp – when the light comes out of it then who bothers about the lamp? And if the light is so much, you cannot even see the lamp.

All saints are beautiful. All children are beautiful. Observe the fact. Every child is born beautiful; you cannot find an ugly child. Difficult, very, very difficult to find an ugly child.



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A Page from God’s Book

God said:

You have every reason to be loyal to your heart. If you are not loyal to your own heart and well-being, to whom then are you loyal? This certainly does not mean that you are to be selfish and all that. It means it’s all right for you to include yourself as well. Of course, offer fealty to yourself while you are at. All you have to do is know this as your birthright. You don’t have to wave banners.

When it is your birthday, make yourself a cake. Beginning now, address yourself with all the respect you offer to others. Admit yourself to your own Well-Being.

Make yourself a candidate. Run for the Good of All. Remember to join yourself in this Voyage. Steer your voyage for you as well as for others. You may have crowded in mixed messages about yourself. Sometimes you act as if you are obliged to forgo inviting yourself. You know what I am talking about?

If others want to seat you last, that is their privilege. In the scheme of things, it is not really all that consequential. You and I both know that.

Now I am making a power statement to you: Have in mind what My preferred placement for you is. Then, when you get accustomed to knowing that you are on My List, high on My List, when you accept this as a matter of course, then you don’t have to feature yourself. Of course, a main part of your job is to get many others nearer to the front of the line as well.

Look! Do you see right here? Here, I have put your personal ongoing invitation to Heaven in gold ink. No one is less. If you think you or anyone is less, think again. Remember, you heard this from Me. Keep moving up. Get the hang of My Will.

A first lesson for you is to know your value to Me in the world. Drink deeply of the ambrosia I give you to drink. You are not just a show of something. You ARE something. You are the real thing. You just may not have noticed. Notice now.

What did you think it was about when it was said: The first comes last and the last comes first and all that? It means I want you to know Who you are and the radius you reach. No longer are you to lie low. Now you reach deeper within and further afield, and this is fitting, and this is right. Now you are really getting down to it — the Kingdom of Heaven and your place in it. No one is to miss this experience. No one. As a good guest, you oblige your Host.

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here. All for One, and One for All. Take this to Heart. This is one of My Biggest Refrains. Take a lesson out of My Book.

You have Great Reason for Being. Teach this to yourself and to your children. This is your inheritance. I accept no excuse. I do not exempt you from this wide-open opportunity. I declare you My Holy Son or My Holy Daughter. There are to be no arguments from you. Don’t waste your time or Mine. Your position in My Heart is already a fait accompli. Don’t vote on it. The votes have already been counted. The debate is over. We all win. There are no two sides on this.

Victory is Ours. Of course, We are One, and We triumph over anything less than Oneness.

So I have said, and so it has been spoken.

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A Major Win for Indigenous Rights in Brazil

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

In a world of never-ending bad news for nature and Mother Earth, some good news has at last come to the Indigenous people of Brazil who recently won two separate court rulings validating their rights to land.

At issue was the attempt to block the titling of lands long-held by indigenous people, a move which would have allowed more land to be sold out from under native peoples to corporations seeking to drill for oil or deforest the land for the production of palm oil, cattle ranching, or mining.

Marked with scandal, Brazil’s current president was recently formally accused of corruption for taking bribes from and pandering to a large contingency of mining and agribusiness interests. As part of this scandal, President Temer made significant concessions to the business sector which would included, ‘rollbacks on indigenous rights, reduction of environmental protected areas, legalization of land grabbing and support for gutting legislation on environmental licensing of development projects – not to mention billions in budget amendments earmarked to specific members of congress.”

This type of official contempt for natives and the sacredness of land in the region are shockingly common, and it is not surprising that this type of action would come from the highest offices in the land.

Never-the-less, the recent cases went all the way to the Brazilian Supreme Court, and were highly contentious, bringing many thousands of people out to protest in the wake of the rulings.

As plaintiff in both cases, the government of Mato Grosso state claimed that portions of the Xingu Indigenous Park and territories occupied by the Nambiquara and Parecis people were initially “vacant lands” belonging to the state government, and so their appropriation by the federal government in order to grant titles to indigenous tribes was illegal and deserving of financial indemnification. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously in both cases that overwhelming evidence exists to confirm the status of the disputed areas as traditional native territories, rendering subsequent land claims, and claims for indemnification, null and void. [Source]

In these cases, the government itself was attempting to seize land from natives by using a contentious legal argument that said that indigenous people had to prove that land in question was occupied by them in October of 1988, or the law would decree that the land was vacant and therefore available for seizure by the government. Then, of course made available to big agribusiness for development. This attempted legal loophole was just rejected by the supreme court.

In reaching its decision, the Court rejected elements of a contentious legal argument known as “marco temporal“, used by the government of Michel Temer and conservative rural elites in attempts to blockade the titling of indigenous ancestral territories. The legal argument claims that indigenous lands should only be demarcated – titled to indigenous peoples – if clear proof exists that they were occupied by those communities in October 1988, the ratification date of the current Brazilian constitution. [Source]

The greater issue here is the demarcation of native lands which allows large tracts of forested and natural land to be protected under the stewardship of indigenous tribes. At a time when deforestation of the Amazon continues unabated, and ever-greater investment into the extraction of Amazonian natural resources by China and other nations threatens to accelerate the destruction of the Amazon, any legal victory as this is a huge win.

Furthermore, there is a long history of human rights abuses in these regions, and a legal victory as momentous as this is quite rare.

“The Supreme Court sent a very clear message that the rights of indigenous people are fundamental and must be respected.” ~Luís Enrique Eloy, legal counsel to the Articulation of Brazil’s Indigenous Peoples (APIB)

At stake in Brazil and other South American nations is the survival of the world’s largest remaining rainforests, or, the lungs of the earth. While dense with natural resources, these areas also contain major stores of the world’s natural biodiversity in animals and plant life. Many equate the destruction of the Amazon with planetary suicide, because of the disruption to the world’s eco-system that would certainly follow the destruction of the Amazon.


About the Author

Vic Bishop is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.

This article (A Major Win for Indigenous Rights in Brazil) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Vic Bishop and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement. Please contact for more info.


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Daily Message ~ Monday August 21, 2017

If you are experiencing any form of discomfort, an effective way to move into a more comfortable space is to simply breathe in acceptance and breathe out resistance. This easy technique works well because acceptance is the antidote to resistance, and resistance is always, always, the root of your discomfort. Plus your breath and intention are two things you have complete control over!

So breathe, Dear Ones. Breathe in the peace and calm acceptance brings and breathe out what is causing your discomfort and know you can do this whenever required until your energy is shifted into resonance with your Now moment, and from there you will be much better prepared to create what it is you truly desire. ~Archangel Gabriel


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The Day Of Great Change

This amazing day of change has finally arrived, dear one!  Some will be expected, others will not and some may take you completely by surprise.  Regardless of what it, and the following weeks bring. it is all part of the grand plan of awakening your world to the Unconditional Love of The Universe.
The ‘sleepers’ will sit up, rub their eyes and start seeing/listening of what you have known all along.  It may not be any easy process for some so take a deep breath, be patient, and know that all will be well. ~ Creator


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GFP Newsletter – 8/20/2017

All saints are beautiful, not that their bodies are always beautiful – no. But they are filled with some unknown bliss which touches you, a Face which fills the milieu around them. They carry their own climate, and wherever they are, suddenly you feel the climate has changed. And that is such a tremendous force that you cannot look at their bodies; their bodies simply disappear, their bodilessness is so much.



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Alleged Video Of Mass UFO Sighting That Took Place in Phoenix 2017

by Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

An incredible 30 second video clip shows intriguing sky action that allegedly took place on August 18th, 2017 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We’ve been working to track down the original posting location of the video but have not yet been able to. If anyone knows who took the video below, please contact us as we’d love to ask a few questions. (Updates Below)

In this sighting you will see 5 crafts in the sky in a ‘W’ like formation. They then move around the sky and then the video abruptly ends. As a long time explorer and researcher of the UFO phenomenon let me be the first to say “I really want to see the end of this video.”

This is some of the most clear and intriguing footage I have seen, not to say there aren’t a lot of great videos out there, but more so that this video gives a clear example of the stunning sightings that have been taking place over the last 10 years in increased frequencies.

The first question that popped into my mind when I saw this video was “why hasn’t this been reported anywhere else?” Good question. When I looked around I wasn’t able to find any other videos or articles related to this sighting. But, this was also the case with another sighting we were sent back in April of 2017. It also took place in Phoenix and shortly after our article went out, more experiencers of the sighting reported on it. Soon the mainstream news reported on it, but claimed it was just a meteor breaking up and falling through the sky.

April 2017 sighting in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: Mauricio Morales

This is the thing with UFO sightings; many people see them and don’t record, report or tell anyone about them. I’ve seen a number of sightings in my life that came during CE-5 expeditions I used to do in my hometown years ago. We never brought cameras and thus never had media of it, yet we would often see between 8 and 10 crafts show up each time. We took the time to learn the difference between satellites, planes etc. so we could properly identify what we were seeing. Some of the most stunning sightings I’ve ever had were done during those expeditions, and yet none were recorded or published.

Think within yourself, how many times have you seen something you thought you were certain was a UFO yet never reported or told anyone about it?

Check out the video of the August 18th, 2017 sighting and be sure to read on below to discover why I think the UFO & ET phenomenon is by far one of the most important things happening to humanity right now.

The Importance Of The UFO & ET Phenomenon

I’ve said this many times over and I will say it again: the UFO and ET phenomenon that is rising heavily into humanities focus over the last 10 years is one of the most important things taking place for us as a whole. Why? Because it represents an evolution humanity direly needs, and gratefully, is experiencing.

In 2011 I began exploring in incredible detail a shift that is taking place on our planet. My work in this shift started back in 2009 when I first learned something grand was taking place on this planet and that things were changing rapidly, but it went full force during the filming of the latest documentary I made called CE3: The Shift, which you can watch for free here.

I explored this shift taking place through a scientific, cosmic, ancient cultural and modern events lens to help prove that we are in fact witnessing something we have never experienced as modern humans on this planet. A big part of this shift relates to humanity opening itself up to a truth that has been hidden from us for decades, one that allows us to realize we are not alone in the universe and one that would change the way we live on our planet entirely. The latter is the reason as to why the UFO and ET phenomenon has been so aggressively covered up.

Imagine for a moment that you are back in the times when humans in what we now call Europe were not aware of humans in what we now call America. Life is being lived and there are sets of traditions, cultures, and ways of doing things that are set. One day, after a very long boat ride Europeans discover the civilizations in America. Suddenly there are a whole new set of humans with different traditions, cultures, and ways of doing things that can now be learned from. Perhaps it could be seen that knowledge for these civilizations has in essence been doubled. This results in changes, evolutions, expansions in ways of doing things and so forth. Now, from a human consciousness point of view it also came with war and fighting, but as explored in the film I made, this is a factor of a primitive level of consciousness, one that we are evolving beyond in our current times. I know how it sounds, watch the film.

Joe Martino during his TEDx talk in NYC. Graph shows how solar cycles affect human consciousness.

Humans are now doing this exact same thing with ET’s. We have been playing amongst each other for thousands of years and we have learned immensely from one another. Just like it was time 60 years ago for us to start interacting deeply with ET’s, it’s even more so now, but we must work past the challenges set before us which are; a deep state controlling information, our ego minds, religious beliefs, and fears.

When we begin to interact with ET’s on a big level we are going to learn and open up to incredible new ideas, in the same way we will share ideas of states of consciousness with other beings. As humans, we often downplay ourselves and believe we are inferior to ET’s. This is of course a very mind and ego based view of ourselves, one that is often reinforced in our society, but it’s simply not true. ET’s do not view us in this manner, and unlike we have been told in many movies out there, ET’s are not an evil force waiting to come harvest or kill us. There are many races out there and virtually all are peaceful in nature.

It’s time to start opening up to them, clearing out our minds of fear and disbelief about a topic that is so abundant with evidence and begin to welcome a huge catalyst in an evolution within humanity that will help bring about peace on this planet.

Update 1: I have found an article showing a drone display of UFOs that took place in Austin, Texas in 2017. There is a chance this video footage is from that same night although I have only found 1 article on this so far.


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Intriguing ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up In Essex. Reported Just Days Before Solar Eclipse

by Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

It’s just days before an eclipse of a lifetime and as the world readies for the sight and some for the energetic shifts, a new crop circle has appeared in a field at Sutton Hall near London Southend Airport. The circle was discovered on August 17, 2017 but it’s meaning, if any, is not yet fully understood. A crop circle with meaning you might ask? Yes, evidence has shown time and time again that many of these circles have incredible scientific anomalies and thus people believe the formations come from somewhere or something else.

On the scientific side, the electromagnetic field over the area where a circle appears is usually electrostatically charged. There is also a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an “ionized plasma vortex,” also known as ball lighting, involved with these formations.

Let’s have a closer look at this and imagine for a moment. In this particular formation, it appears the overall appearance resembles a “radio broadcast tower” with a “satellite dish” near the top. In this case, its “satellite dish” resembles the usual symbols for a “solar eclipse.” Interesting considering we will have the Great American Eclipse  in just a couple days  on August 21, 2017.

So what might this mean? Could we be receiving some sort of radio message from somewhere or someone at that time? Might it simply mean that new frequencies are coming onto our planet as a result of the eclipse? As we explored deeply in our latest documentary The Collective Evolution III: The Shift, celestial bodies, including the sun, have a great impact on our physical bodies, minds, and consciousness. This eclipse will be no different, and our in-house astrologer Carmen DiLuccio has outlined how this eclipse may affect you in his latest article about the eclipse.

The next intriguing aspect of this formation are the many symbols that seem to be arranged in three separate columns of seven ‘boxes’ each. What do the symbols mean? We don’t know yet.

The lower base of this “radio broadcast tower” points toward London Southend Airport in the distance (as noted using a white dashed line):

In the end, do we know what this crop circle means? Not yet, but there are certainly some interesting aspects to it and its timing. With the eclipse coming up, it may simply serve as a reminder to take some time to be present during the eclipse tomorrow.

Set some intentions related to what our in-house astrologer suggests: “What is your heart telling you to create at this time? What steps can you take to help you in fulfilling your passions? What possibilities out there currently excite you and perhaps make you feel more free? What is getting in the way of you expressing your heart more? In what area of your life do you need to be the King, Queen, or Superstar? How can you express yourself in ways that are more innovative, authentic and reflective of who you truly are?”

Not sure whether or not you believe in the legitimacy of crop circles? Have a look at the research we’ve pulled together in our coverage of crop circles here.


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Raising Yourself in the World

God said:

There is value in admitting ignorance. Admitting ignorance puts you way ahead. How truly wonderful it is for your brothers and sisters in the world to meet someone like you who doesn’t know all the answers in the world. What a relief!

It is better to be open than to be closed.

You are way ahead now when you can unabashedly say you don’t know all the answers. What a rare individual you are when you can excuse yourself from knowing everything. For one thing, this makes you rare and welcome, yes, indeed.

You are, indeed, one in a million. It is refreshing to meet with you. Hurray, you are setting a trend and serving the hearts and minds of many. You are the crème de la crème. Welcome to Heaven!

A refreshing face, a refreshing mind, a refreshing Heart — all now established, all pre-set ahead of time – these are worth gold. You are just what I am looking for – a human Being ready to see anew and greater. Please, come sit at My right hand, and we’ll have a good time.

Dear Ones, now, let’s address a very human quality which gets in the way of happiness. This human quality is becoming attached. When you are attached, you are pre-set. You have decided how Life must be. And so you restrict yourself.

Great sensitivity regarding how you are treated in the world is something to come to terms with and to let go of.

Here is a tale:

There was a little boy whose main desire was to go to the circus. His father promised him that this year he will take his son to the circus. The very day before the circus, his father told the boy he could not take him after all because he, the father, had to go out of town on business. The father promised his son that they would go to the circus next year.

To not go to the circus as he was promised was too much for the child to bear. His whole Heart was wrapped up in anticipation of the circus. To the child, to not be able to go to the promised circus at this fictional Moment in Eternity was a tragedy.

The child read a whole lot into this disappointment, including that he is really not loved. If he were truly loved, he would be going to the circus.

The whole world is sorry that this child’s Heart was hurt. Many of the caring people hearing his story now would gladly rush to take the child to the circus to allay the child’s hurt, yet there is no going back, and, anyway, the child desired that his father take him to the circus. It doesn’t matter to the young child the reason why his father didn’t take him. Knowing the reason doesn’t reduce the blow to the child’s Heart.

The sense of hurt never leaves the boy. The memory may fade, yet not the impact. Beyond his disappointment, the long-lasting affect is a sense of abandonment, unworthiness, and a sense of not being loved or loved really.

Some people may notice that the child, now an adult, is quick to take offense. He may be seen as selfish, too centered on himself, and loving himself too much. On the contrary, now his heart holds on so tight to being given importance for the very reason that he doesn’t value himself enough.

When the boy, now as an adult, feels his heart sullied with a sense of being discounted, overlooked, forlorn, he may appear as egotistic. Yes, he holds on so tight to being well-thought of. What is his attempt to raise his sense of self-value is seen as ego. Ego whispers to him that he must be recognized as important and come first.

What are you protecting, Beloveds?

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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 20, 2017

Dear Ones, as you move forward into the next phase of your journey, many of you will be changing service, or stepping into service in a tangible way for the first time. Just as each person’s enlightenment path is individual, so will be your service offerings.

Some will focus on the earth, some on animals, some on energetic work, some on healing, some on teaching. There will be a myriad of ways to serve, just as delightful and individual as each of you are.

One service path is not better than another! Know that you will be drawn to service that matches your talents and soul agenda, and each service path is a beautiful and appropriate expression of the individual that is perfect for them.

It is the combination of many different people waking up and offering their love through the service that best serves them, and the whole, that will continue to drive the shift on your planet and create the new earth you are pioneering. It is a grand and glorious dance that you are all participating in, contributing lovingly for the greatest good of all. ~Archangel Gabriel


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