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GFP Newsletter – 7/20/2018

As your silence, your peacefulness, your relaxedness, your love, deepen, your ego disappears. Ego is a false entity. One need not be worried about ego. Meditation is the medicine to kill the ego.

So I accept all kinds of people: egoist, jealous, angry, violent, depressed, because I have seen that a simple meditation transforms all these baser metals into gold.



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Practice, Practice

As you receive your upgrades, a bit of your ‘old self’ may come out as a means of self-protection. One of the things you need to remember is that everyone is experiencing their own version of this and will respond in different ways. Again, practicing your new skills may be necessary.

Instead of ‘popping off at the mouth’, take a moment to think about how you want to act/react then ask yourself, ‘Is what I am about to do/say going to serve anyone but me?” If the answer is no, then it is your signal to choose another path. (Smiling)

As ever-expanding beings of light practicing compassion and kindness, this is your chance for more growth and learning. Do not let it pass you by, dear one. ~ Creator


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Daily Message ~ Friday July 20, 2018

As you move forward in the next phase of your enlightenment process, you will start to understand more and more the importance of being rather than doing. You will learn to ride the waves of energy, harnessing the power of what each wave individually supports, whether it be inspired forward movement or simply staying in a quiet space of presence. This will create far greater comfort and ease for you because you will be continually moving with the energies, rather than trying to move against them.

This will also allow you to be far more efficient with your time and efforts than ever before, and will take the guess work out of things for you. You will, with your faith and trust and deepest knowing, know the unfoldment is always serving you in your evolution and highest service, which shifts you into the experience of peace, regardless of what phase you may find yourself in. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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Godwriting is Service You Do for God

God said:

Beloved, yes, I speak a lot. I sing a lot. Of thee I sing.

Yes, most of all, I am silent. I live in the halls of silence. My silence isn’t with My lips pursed, not at all. My silence is an embrace. In Godwriting, We embrace. My silence is love flowing out to you. You are included in My silence. You are not kept outside My silence. You are right here on the hearth of My heart.

At the same time as We embrace, We settle in. Our love doesn’t have to be over the moon, nor do We crave for Our love to be anything but what it already is. Our interweaving of love does not have to display itself as in great emoting. Simple love is present yet not on display.

We are down to business. We commune more than We communicate.

There does not have to be a big to-do about the presence of Our mutual love. We are by no means blasé about it either. Our connecting is a natural event and does not surprise nor overwhelm. We don’t have to have a crashing crescendo of waves announce Our love. We can take Our silent exchange of love as a matter of course. We are not out of Our minds in love. We ask nothing of Our love but to be simply how it happens to be. Godwriting doesn’t have to be a grand scene rocking the pillars. Simple awareness is good. Quiet is good. Quiet doesn’t obscure subtle joy. Subtle joy is good.

In Godwriting, we do not set up whopping requirements. There are no record-breaking requirements. This is in the same way as when you buy a car. You can be quite happy with a car that is not razzle-dazzle.

The arrival of Godwriting has a mind of its own. It doesn’t have to be record-breaking. Godwriting is what I give you. You do not set up requirements. Godwriting doesn’t have to appear as amazing. It doesn’t have to. What comes is what comes. You don’t call the shots. What arrives doesn’t have to be impressive. It may be, yet the Richter Scale rating isn’t your call. It can also happen that a specific Godwriting may not seem like anything at all to you, yet when you read it over again later, you see that more meets the eye than you saw at first glance.

Or the reverse – a line or two that at first dazzles you may no longer. There is no Godwriting that is obliged to be stellar.

Godwriting comes as it comes and isn’t looking for your say-so to be outstanding. It comes as it comes.

I, God, ask nothing of you but to receive what you happen to hear so faintly.

Everyone who Godwrites has his or her own filter. We are glad for this. There is more than one style of Godwriting. So be it. It isn’t for you to shake up what you hear.

Godwriting isn’t meant to be an ego trip.

In the Roman days, a slave rode behind a popular hero who was being cheered by a great throng. The slave’s express purpose was to remind the hailing hero: “Remember you are just a man. Remember you are just a man.”

In terms of Godwriting, remind yourself – even as you are One with Me – that at this moment of time in the world, you are simply a stenographer, and this is all I ask of You and no more. In effect, you are setting the table for Me. Just as you would clear the table for Me, you write down what you hear Me say. You require no more. You act in My Name. Thank you for your service.

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GFP Newsletter – 7/19/2018

As far as your ego is concerned and your jealousy is concerned, my whole work here is to help you become so loving that the energy that becomes jealousy is transformed into love. And you know perfectly well that jealousy always follows your love. You are not jealous without love. A man who does not love is not jealous.

Jealousy is almost like a shadow of love. If we can grow our love, it takes over the whole energy of jealousy and transforms it into love. It is an alchemical change.



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All In!

Get grounded, dear children of The Universe!  During this particular phase it will be very important to remain in your body and fully aware of what is going on with your Earth plane existence.  If you see others floundering, reach out a helping hand.  If you see a brother or sister untethered and floating away on the energy wave, help them put their feet on the ground and tell them how important being here, now is.  This is going to be an all-in experience…each and every one of you is needed because things are going to ‘flip on a dime’.  It is time to come together in peace/love to change your world and you are the key! ~ Creator


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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 19, 2018

What is the most loving thing you can say to yourself today? What is the most loving action you can choose for yourself today? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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The Power of the Heart

God said:

Beloved, of course, you, yourself, your very self, are filled with inestimable power. You go beyond inadequate power. You have radiant blossoming extraordinary powers. There is nothing déclassé in the word power, as if the word power can only be relegated to comic book POW and WHAM!!!

We’re speaking of the power of the heart, not magic tricks. I suppose the expression “magic tricks” implies something sensational, tricky, not quite ethical, perhaps even low-class.

There is nothing shabby about walking on water, nor is it particularly phenomenal. There must be a worthy purpose beyond showmanship. There is purity of desire and intent. This is not about making an impression or proving a point. Of course, integrity of motive matters.

To make wine from water held a high purpose.

Once upon a time, lighting a fire was a miracle.

I come from the place of: “What is not a miracle?”

That eyes open and eyes close – what a miracle! So simple. That you sleep and that you wake are miracles, old-fashioned miracles.

Just think that there is speech, and there is silence.

Is it not as much a miracle that the seas stay together than that they part?

On all levels, understanding hovers over you. Of course, what happens in the world matters. Mainly, the light you shed on life matters more.

If you were about to catch on fire, and someone throws water over you in order to put out the fire, you would thank them. If someone ran across the road and pushed you out of the way of a speeding car, you would welcome his presence of mind and kiss his hand. Circumstances and interpretations are part of the package of life. And so you channel the directions of your life.

Life isn’t objective. You like to think so, yet your life is how you describe it.

Someone may be chasing after you – not to scare you but to hand over to you your wallet that you dropped without noticing.

You may have been certain that you have no choice in life. You were born in a certain country to a certain family in a certain century, and so goes the fortune of your life. You may never have noticed an angel or two lifting you up. This doesn’t mean that you have not been lifted high and landed down gently.

You may not be attuned to all that you could be attuned to. Perhaps you focus on what scoundrels might be up to.

It is well possible that you have been lifting up your life or dragging it around. Life may not have overlooked you. Rather, you overlooked life and dug your life into the ground. It’s possible you bullied life here and there and slammed a door on life. Start over.

Consider your dealings with life as if you play a certain note on the piano, and this is the note you hear played back to you. Play a higher note, and see what happens. Choose notes at a tempo you would really like to hear. Set the tone for your own life. Be your own orchestra leader. Who stops you? Never mind. No longer tell the same story unless it’s a story you want more of.

What table of contents do you write down for your life? If your present table of contents seems like a hardship, then, by golly, write a new table of contents. Life will pick up the tune you give it. Even if life continues as it seemingly has, then start humming your new tune and see what difference this makes in how you feel.

If there can be a new Heavenletter every day, can there not be a new tune for you to come up with?

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GFP Newsletter – 7/18/2018

Basically I am a lazy man. Lazy people have not done any harm in the world. It is the too active, the hyperactive, who have driven the whole world into misery, madness, slavery. So as far as laziness is concerned, it is very supportive to meditation because meditation needs a very quiet, calm, silent mind. A lazy man is so lazy that he cannot even be bothered to think. Thinking is also part of the active mind.



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