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GFP Newsletter – 10/17/2018

First put yourself in a right state of being, then whatever path you follow will be right, because the paths are not outside. We are not talking about highways and superhighways.

The path is inwards.



  1. Just Be!The Creator Writings
    Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – 14:00
  2. Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 17, 2018Trinity Esoterics
    Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – 13:59
  3. The Life You LiveHeavenletters
    Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – 13:59

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Just Be!

There is quite a bit of talk surrounding your Earth plane’s jump from 3D to 5D.  Even though the concept is thrilling it is, in the end, just a label. (Smiling)

You have always had the amazing power within you to create.

You have always had the ability to change your world.

You have always had the choice, no label required.

Instead of attaching a name tag to your lapel and using it to create division and separateness by stating where you feel you are, just be the loving person you have always been!  It is the best thing you can do in this moment. ~ Creator


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 17, 2018

When it comes to creating, if what you wish to experience is not coming together for you, we suggest you stop and examine your beliefs about it. Do you think it will be hard?  Impossible? Do you only see it happening one way?  What statements are your mantras about it? Do they match what you wish to create?

Stop and think how you can expand it. Can you cast your net wider? Look at your project. Are there specifics that can be loosened up? Can you surrender it into its perfect expression of self rather than insisting it show up a specific way?

If you are struggling with this, we suggest you connect with a master manifesting guide by simply asking to connect with one. Trust this guide’s expertise and allow it to take the reins and lead you to the perfect match for you.

The greatest way you limit yourself in your manifestation attempts is by settling for things that are too small, or by only being open to potentials you can imagine. The bottom line is your greatest creations exist outside the bounds of what you have already experienced. That is because the mind works with what it has already knows. Your soul wishes to continually expand beyond what you have already done.

You are ascending human beings on an ascending planet. You are the pioneers, so allow yourselves to play in the energies of the great beyond, to stay open to new wondrous potentials, to embrace miracles and magic, and to find fun and excitement in the entire process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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The Life You Live

God said:

Beloved, today you may feel that something is coming around the corner for you. You don’t exactly know what, yet you feel it’s on its way straight to you. You can hardly wait. It’s something you clearly welcome. In fact, you run to your computer in case a blessed email has already arrived.

You are aware that an easy-going hands-off approach to life generally is more effective than an insistent one.

You don’t want to scare good news away. After all, extra good news usually comes when it’s good and ready. Your role in life isn’t to be a bill collector. You will be a happy receiver rather than an impatient one who seems to demand of life: “Where have you been? What took you so long?”

You get it. There is a fine balance to keep. You are delighted to receive life as it comes, full well knowing that life has your interests at heart and is always looking out for you. You don’t want to be taken for an irate customer. All is well. You can do it. You can take life as it comes on its own terms.

You may have had an unrelated dream out of the blue, an inexplicable dream about old friends of yours, as it happens, a genially married couple that were always good friends to each other and to you. In real life, the couple had moved to California years ago. In this dream, you and the couple had been in business together and not only friends. In this dream, they arrived at your door with business-related packages for you. Your friends have been especially thinking of you and brought you some products. In the dream, this was a nice gesture but also somewhat confusing.

Anyway, you do not dream of dream interpretation. You want your known dreams to come true. Why would you have your big dreams if they were not to come true? You desire the real thing to come true right in front of you. Speculation does not satisfy you.

You ask Me: “God, let’s get right down to it. No more shilly-shallying along. No more wild guesses.”

Pretty much your favored dreams that do come true came through as surprises to you.

In retrospect, you may see some signposts. In one long view, you could have predicted some aspects of your life, but not all. And you also realize that if you had known in advance, you cannot be sure that you would do a rerun any better now even so. You are aware that what you have to do now is to be glad to have received all that did come your way. Never mind what you would have left out if you could have.

All in all, you did quite well. And, yes, if you could do it all over knowing what you know now, would you really have done it differently? You do have one clear desire, and that is to have appreciated yourself better all along the way.

You also understand now that nothing is for naught. Even if you didn’t make out as a one-day wonder, you did great. This is your life that you lived, and, indeed, you did live it. You have carried it through so far. I may even hear you say:

“Thank You, God, for staying by my side. You see me through the shallows and through the heights. Right now, God, I do not see what is to come. What I do know is that You will be with me hand in hand, and I will know the grace that You see in me, and I will know it well. Take me where You will, God, and thank you for the ride. Wherever you lead, that’s where I want to be with You.”

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GFP Newsletter – 10/16/2018

There is a great statement of Jalaluddin Rumi, a Sufi mystic. One of his disciples asked him, “Are we going to paradise?” Jalaluddin laughed and said, “I cannot say that we are going to paradise, but wherever we are going, there will be paradise. It all depends on us – what we make out of our being, out of our creativity, out of our love, out of our consciousness.”



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The Best

You may have heard this many times over the course of your existence… ”Be happy with what you get, most don’t even get that much” and, for a long time, you may have accepted that.  With is most recent shift, many of you have said, “What if I want more?”  It is time to realize the only thing stopping you is you!  Once you have decided to release settling for less than you deserve, an amazing thing will happen; the best will begin to arrive!  It is time to trust that The Universe hears you and know you are worthy and deserving of receiving. ~ Creator


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 16, 2018

There are two streams of abundance that most people work with. The first is the limited, external stream. This is recognized by the mind. It is the abundance stream that only holds so much, is outside of you, and you must fight for your piece of. The second is the Source stream of abundance. This is recognized by the heart, and is an expansive, never-ending stream that you have always been part of and will flow through you if you allow it.

If you are trying to thrive on the first limited stream, it is much like struggling to pump out the last few drops of a well that has almost gone dry when right next to you is the biggest, most beautiful, ever replenishing fresh water source you could ever imagine, that you have always had complete access to. Isn’t it time for you to shift into the acceptance of the greater abundance that is, and always has been yours? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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Be Done with Guilt

God said:

Beloved, there is something I would like removed from Earth as soon We can. With the removal of this one thing, the entire world will feel lighter than air, and the sooner there will be a wide sweep of the universal longed-for Ascension. Be done with the concept of guilt. Guilt isn’t worthwhile. Guilt is a heartbreaker. Stay away from guilt. Run away from it.

For too long, it has been thought that guilt is a good thing. Guilt is not a good thing. Burdens are from the past. Blame. Shame. You are innocent, Beloved. Claim your innocence instead of hanging on to guilt. Most guilt does not come from a deliberate act. You didn’t know better. Or it may have been a happenstance. Now be over all the qualms about it. Get out from under the twists of gut-wrenching guilt. Enough, enough, enough, I say. Hear Me. Forget this old-time mystique or fraternity called guilt without end.

Favor a clean slate. Don’t point the finger of guilt at anyone and, most of all, at yourself. Self-guilt holds you back from enjoying life. Guilt is no one’s reward. Have I not told you to leave the past behind? Go forward.

Guilt isn’t good for you or anyone. Guilt retards you and the world from expanding.

Remove the shroud of guilt. It is too everlasting. If I could just remove all guilt with a snap of my finger just like that, I would.

“Out, out, dark spot! Dissolve yourself, dark spot. You are a bane on Earth. Guilt, get outta here.”

It has been rumored that I recommend atoning through guilt. Do not spend your time on Earth agonizing over a sense of guilt. Let go of ruminating over all the causes of guilt. By and large, many who harp on their own guilt come to it by mistake and not deliberate action, yet they keep stabbing their hearts and don’t stop. Those who might commit grievous errors over and over again may well take their offenses casually. At least seen from the outside, they may not be grieving.

One theme I repeatedly tell you is to let go of the past. Hop to it. Cease going over the past and giving sad accounts of all the profound suffering there has been. Be done with it. No longer point a gun of retribution at yourself or anyone. You are not here on Earth to ruminate over guilt which is past to bring up to the present.

You are sorry. You would undo the past if you could. You can’t. In the world, guilt is too big a weight to carry. Sentence no one to the albatross of guilt when the best thing you can do is to remove guilt pronto. Righteous sense of guilt is not anything to hold on to or be proud of.

Loud and clear, I urge you not to assault yourself with guilt. Don’t think you are wonderful to support guilt. Get guilt behind thee. Remove guilt from your presence once and for all. Banish the concept of guilt right away. Guilt is no favor. Put away guilt-bearing stories as fast as you can. Wave the flag of freedom.

No one is wonderful to dredge-up guilt-bearing stories. Guilt is contrary to life. If you want to be a good citizen, toss guilt thoughts out once and for all. Guilt carries no badge of honor. Stay away from guilt like the plague. Let go of the heaviness of guilt once and for all. Don’t do guilt to yourself or anyone.

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GFP Newsletter – 10/15/2018

The heart does not know fear; it only knows love.

It is the mind that knows fear; it never knows love.

The mind is the center of fear and the heart is the center of love.



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