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Few noticed, but Congress just banned restaurants from skimming tips


Restaurant servers dodged a bullet this week with a provision tucked into the $1.3 trillion federal spending bill.

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Guccifer 2.0 identified as Russian intelligence officer


Surprise! The hacker who delivered all those stolen Democratic National Committee emails to Wikileaks turns out to be a Russian intel officer.

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Brazilian bishop ‘stole $600,000 from church collection plates’


A bishop and several priests in Brazil have been charged in connection with the theft of more than $600,000 belonging to parishioners. Police arrested Bishop of Formosa José Ronaldo Ribeiro as well as a number of other clergymen Monday after police found large quantities of cash during a raid on Ribeiro’s home. They group are accused of pilfering funds, amounting to 2 million reais ($608,000), from various sources.

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How a cow-clicking parody game harvested Facebook user data


Back in 2010, the video-game designer and scholar Ian Bogost created Cow Clicker, a withering satire of Farmville and other clicker games that were, at the time, wildly popular on Facebook. As he developed Cow Clicker, Bogost quickly discovered something: Facebook gave app developers a lot of data about users. He was able to get each user’s unique Facebook ID (Zuckerberg’s is”4″, as it turns out); and without even him asking for it, Facebook sent him “affiliation” info about users’ schools, workplaces, and other organizations they belonged to.

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Majority of $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill Goes to US Military


The last minute signing of the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill in the US is a big windfall for the Pentagon, who will be getting the majority of the money, in the realm of $700 billion. This includes 14 new ships, 28 new helicopters, and 56 of the costly F-35 warplanes. This $700 billion does not include other military-related spending, including the VA.

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Leaked email shows how Cambridge Analytica and Facebook first responded to what became a huge data scandal


An email exchange obtained by Business Insider showed an early exchange between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica amid a rash of negative press in 2015. “This has been a difficult period for us, but I would like to reiterate our commitment to adhering to Facebook’s terms of service,” Cambridge Analytica wrote.

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Utah legalizes ‘free-range parenting’


Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a law Friday that legalizes a childrearing method called “free-range parenting,” which encourages children to be independent. Herbert signed into law bill SB65, which gives children the freedom to develop self-sufficiency. The law states that children must be mature enough to handle each situation — though it does not specify an age.

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Driver Of Tesla Model X Dies After Violent Crash Incinerates Car


Driving on Highway 101 near Mountain View, California, a Tesla Model X suffered a gruesome crash when the vehicle hit a carpool lane barrier, leading two more cars to crash into it, and causing the lithium ion batteries powering the vehicle to ignite and explode, at which point the vehicle burst into flames. 

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White House declares ban on transgender people serving in military


The White House has announced orders to formally ban transgender people from serving in the military, following up on Donald Trump’s controversial policy pledge that sparked widespread backlash last year from civil rights groups and US defense chiefs.

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French officer who swapped places with a hostage in terror attack dies


A police officer who swapped places with a female hostage during an attack by an ISIS supporter on a supermarket in southern France has died of his wounds, French authorities said.

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