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Active Management Now More Important than Ever


In 1897, Samuel Clemens, best known by his pen name, Mark Twain, was in London for various speaking engagements when someone started a rumor that he was gravely ill, which was followed by another rumor that he had died.

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Jim Puplava: Market Risks Increasing As Investors Grow Complacent


Right now, we’re in the second most highly valued stock market in history, Puplava added. Along with this comes an absence of risk aversion, which is ultimately the result of excessive optimism and inadequate skepticism. Ultimately, this puts returns in peril…

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The US Dollar and Stock Market Could Spike Higher Under Trump’s Tax Plan


President Trump, as part of his “America First” program, has proposed lowering the US corporate tax rate to 15 percent and to close a myriad of loopholes in an effort to simplify the tax code, and to also encourage the nation’s largest businesses to bring production back home.

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Is it Time to Sell Real Estate?


Already, we’re seeing new inventory coming online, and many people, including retirees, are moving to Texas and Florida where there is no state income tax, housing is affordable and the climate is warm. “For some people, it makes a huge amount of sense to sell while…

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Naysayer Reality Check: Waymo’s Self-Driving Taxi Debuts in Phoenix, for Free


Every time I do a post on self-driving vehicles, readers respond that it cannot happen and won’t happen for a decade, if ever. It’s time for a reality check. A quick check of my calendar shows we are not quite halfway through 2017.

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Populism and the Long-Term Debt Cycle


FS Insider recently spoke with Tyler Kling at Macro Ops on why fears over populism were slightly overhyped at first but why, over the longer-term, the populism trend will prevail based on the long-term debt cycle, which is now running in reverse…

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What Trump’s Next 100 Days Will Look Like


Trump is often described as a “transactional” president who sees the world as one big negotiating table where he can leverage his business experience to exact better terms and conditions for American workers and corporations.

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We’re Seeing a Healthy Pause Now, Higher Markets Later This Year


Recently, markets have been taking a breather. Are they signaling a temporary stall or something more worrisome? And what comes next? This time on Financial Sense, we spoke with Tom McClellan, editor of McClellan Financial Publications…


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Gas Prices In North Korea Shoot Up 83% As China Mulls Oil Embargo


Gasoline prices in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang jumped by as much as 83 percent within three days on the back of reports that China is mulling over an oil embargo for its unruly neighbor. North Korea imports almost all the oil…

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Measuring Hard and Soft Power in a Potential War With North Korea


It isn’t entirely clear how much actual influence China has in North Korea, however. Though it’s likely high enough to divert North Korean nuclear ambitions and defuse the situation, he expects China will have to rely on hard, rather than soft, power…

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