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Secure Methods for Generating Income in Retirement


By FS Staff – Investors who depend on any or all of these resources in retirement may need to plan ahead, though, as the landscape is changing rapidly, and what worked in the past may not work for much longer. In addition to private pensions vanishing…

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Gold Jumps as ‘Trade War’ Hits Stocks, 11-Year Record in Link with Interest Rates


By Adrian Ash – Gold prices rose sharply against all major currencies on Friday, recovering even last week’s 1.5% drop in Japanese Yen terms while stocks and shares fell worldwide as Beijing hit back at Washington with plans for new import tariff rates…

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S&P 500 Snapshot: Down 3.8% From Last Thursday


By Jill Mislinski – This week, the S&P 500 continued to decline with 3 days of losses. The index closed Thursday at its lowest yet of the week and fell 3.77% from this time last week. It is down 1.93% YTD and is 8.0% below its record close.

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Can the Netherlands Stay Ahead in Natural Gas Markets?


By Oil Price – In 2016 the Dutch gas market achieved a major milestone when the TTF natural gas hub became the benchmark for European gas, taking the lead from the British NGC. The significance of this achievement has yet…

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What Is the Data Saying?


By Matthew Kerkhoff – We’re going to look at a bunch of economic data today, but before we do, there’s something we need to clear up. Most economic data is released in a monthly cadence, but if you focus on monthly figures…

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How Tax Reform Will Net the US Big Returns


By Stratfor – In December 2017, US President Donald Trump signed into law his country’s first major tax reform since the Reagan era. Sometimes new legislation is seismic in its effects, directly altering the playing field…

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Trump Builds Economy and War Machine


By Richard Mills – On March 1 Donald Trump announced that his Administration would implement a 25% tariff on all steel imports and a 10% duty on aluminum. President Trump initially said the tariffs would apply to all steel…

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Podcast: How to Prepare for a Bear Market in Bonds


By FS Staff – If we are facing another crisis, and we’re truly at an inflection point in bond markets, investors need to protect themselves from capital losses. Fortunately, bond investors have several options to help protect themselves. One is to move into…

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The Wealth Machine That Rising Interest Rates Create and the Conflict with the National Debt (Part 2)


By Dan Amerman – Compound interest is an extraordinarily powerful financial tool, and reinvesting the cash flows received from investments has historically been the single most reliable way of building wealth over the long term.

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