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Where Oil Prices Are Headed


By Alex Barrow – Oil has been in my “too hard” bucket the last six months. I couldn’t identify any catalyst that could drive it out of its trading range. I mostly expected it to chop around which has turned out to be the case.

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Underfunded Pensions Could Spark Wave of ‘Precedent Setting’ Reforms


ValueWalk – Underfunded pensions plans are possibly one of the most significant headwinds facing companies and public-sector bodies today. Despite record high stock markets and a bond bull market that has lasted for many decades…

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Deep Subprime Auto Loan Delinquencies Reach 2007 Levels: The Next Big Short?


Subprime auto delinquencies have staked up so much that we are back at 2007 milestone levels. There’s a section of the auto-loan market — known in industry parlance as deep subprime — where delinquency rates have ticked up to…

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Current AI Recession Forecast: June 2019


FS Staff – Earlier this year, FS Insider discussed a new machine-learning “forecasting engine” developed by San-Diego-based Intensity Corporation used for economic and revenue forecasting, large-scale investing, supply chain optimization, and a wide…

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Global Industrial Trends Coalesce


By Kurt Kallaus – The Global Economy began a new expansion phase in 2016 after the Oil market exited a severe 2-year recession. We have highlighted many examples of improving financial risk, new records highs in leading indicators and…

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Bond Bear Bubbleheads


By Brady Willet – Conventional wisdom holds that with central banks’ beginning to throw their experimental policies into reverse the strings holding the asset price boom together are slowly being cut. No disagreement here. But while the divergence between…

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Hindenburg Omens Flashing Major Warning Signal for the Stock Market


FS Staff – Today’s chart comes from Jason Goepfert at SentimentTrader.com where he shows the total number of Hindenburg omens for the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the Russell 2000. In sum, “we’re seeing a market that is split between…

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The Apocalyptic Vision of Stephen K. Bannon


By Stratfor – History may not repeat itself precisely, but according to Steve Bannon, it sure does rhyme. And the rhyme we are soon to hear, according to the White House chief strategist, will echo epochal crises like the Great Depression, the Civil War, and the American Revolution.

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China’s July Leverage Data Comes in Hot, Drawing Rebuke From IMF


By ValueWalk – It is often difficult to ascertain the actual level of credit and liquidity in China, as the “shadow banking” segment is near $8.5 trillion strong. But China’s Total Social Financing (TSF) data, released Tuesday, attempts to do…

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Retail Sales, Dudley, Wages


Some quick thoughts for the day. First, New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley gave an extended interview to the Associate Press. Definitely worth the time to read. Overall, Dudley continues to adhere to what amounts to the Fed’s median…

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