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Short-Term Trend Shifts Bullish as US and China Enter ZOPA


By Matthew Kerkhoff – Recent talks over this past weekend have helped make it clear that both sides are interested in reaching an agreement. China has already agreed to increase its imports of U.S. products, and on Sunday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin…

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Financial Sense Leading Economic Indicator Confirms Decelerating Growth Outlook


By FS Staff – Our Financial Sense leading economic indicator (LEI) peaked in October 2017 and has experienced six months of consecutive declines. It is still in positive territory—meaning the risk of a recession over the next six months is quite low—but weakening…

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A Budding Choice Between Risk and Risk Free


By Patrick O’Hare – Why would stock investors be interested in owning short-term Treasury securities when this bull market has yet to be slain by the matador (that would be Fed Chair Powell by the way). If investors hold Treasury securities to maturity, they don’t…

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Throw Out Those Condoms in China


By Peter Boockvar – China is discussing the end of all restrictions on having kids “according to people familiar with the matter” according to BN. They reported that “The State Council, China’s cabinet, has commissioned research on the repercussions…

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Demographics: The US Working Age Population Is in its Prime


By Urban Carmel – Starting around the year 2000, many investors began obsessing over the aging demographic profile in the United States. The concern seemed reasonable. The working age population in Japan had peaked in 1995, 5 years after the Nikkei…

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What Happened to the Presidential Cycle?


By Tom McClellan – If this were a “normal” 2nd year of a presidential term, we would now be in a corrective period due to last until just before the mid-term elections. But as many in the press have noted, we do not have…

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Four Forces Fueling a New American Century


By FS Staff – This time on Financial Sense, we look back on a 2014 interview with Joel Kurtzman to discuss his book, Unleashing the Second American Century: Four Forces for Economic Dominance. As we were coming out of the Great Recession, Kurtzman…

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Increasing the National Debt By $6 Trillion in One Committee Meeting


By Dan Amerman – Could a committee of unelected officials increase your household’s share of the national debt by $60,000 in a single meeting? In normal times – they could not. However, these are not normal times and any…

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China’s Tofu Tariff Tantrum


By Kurt Kallaus – As the China trade war rhetoric in 2018 finally shifts toward intensifying negotiations in late May, the clueless global audience are pawns in a tit-for-tat public relations (PR) campaign by the US and China. The US is demanding the elimination…

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Jim Puplava: Markets Unprepared for $80 Oil Shock


By FS Staff – The summer driving season is just around the corner and this year motorists are facing steeper prices for fuel, up from an average of $2.19 a gallon in 2016 to $2.87 today. By this summer, analysts are projecting gas prices to top $3 a gallon…

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