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Syria Blocks Turkish Backed Militants, or are they maybe ISIS?

 Editor’s note:  4 days ago, we were on sat phone with al Bab, while our informant watched Turkish troops put 950 ISIS fighters on trucks, like they were lifelong friends.  A day later, Turkey claimed they won al Bab in a “lightning raid.” Then a day later, Syrian official tell us Turkish planes attacked their […]

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NEO – The Joke of America’s Military Rule

Jim W. Dean – This is another classic Gordon, with more than a dose of anger, as he asks the tough questions of the Afghanistan and Iraq war vets why when they came home no one told about what was really going on inside those wars.

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Erdogan Leveraging Russia and US on Syria, the Usual Double Game

The relationship between Putin’s Russia and Erdogan’s Turkey has been a matter of great interest to us for a long time now. It has been very difficult to discern anything at all about that relationship and that remains the case, despite several notable events that have seen the apparent nature of that relationship change.

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NEO – Does Flynn Exit Aid World Peace?

F. William Engdahl – A strategic pivot is taking place to build a war coalition for US control of the oil and gas of the Middle East. It is not about “peace” in cooperation with Russia in Syria, because Washington must break the Eurasian triangle or face superpower twilight. That is what the entire Kissinger-Trump project is about.

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Syrian War Report – February 27, 2017: Intense Clashes Between Syrian Forces And Turkish Proxies In Tadef

…from SouthFront Clashes between militant groups involved in the Turkish Operation Euphrates Shield and the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces have been ongoing in the town of Tadef located directly south of al-Bab since Sunday. Last weekend, the Tiger Forces made significant gains against ISIS in the province of Aleppo, liberating Tadef and 10 other villages […]

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CIA Head, Pompeo Leaked Fake “All Clear” to Media in Russiagate Coverup

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor A report today in Axios outlines what has to become a call for a special prosecutor and should well bring about the resignation of CIA Director Pompeo as well.  The only thing keeping the indictments from piling up at this point is an active criminal coverup being orchestrated from the […]

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The Wines of Portugal, a History

By Carol Ware Duff, Health Editor Portugal’s history can be traced back to around 700 BC, when the Iberian Peninsula was held first by the Celts, then the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. The Moors arrived in the 8th century and while they were there, introduced their culture, architecture, and agricultural techniques to Portugal. From the […]

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