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Erdogan: Saudi-led demands ‘unlawful intervention’

Jim W. Dean – Turkey, who has been backing terrorist groups in Syria, and was the major looter of Syrian wealth during the ISIS upheaval with partners like the Saudis, US, Qatar, Israel and the UAE, now steps forward as the defender of national sovereignty and international law.

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Enter The Prince of Arabia

__________ Jerusalem Post Enter The Prince of Arabia Muhammad bin Salman inherits his ancestors’ failure to do as Pharaoh did when he used the good years to prepare for the bad ones Change, nobility’s most dreaded fear, is upon the dunes of Arabia. Like Pharaoh and Ahasuerus, King Salman woke up one night sweating between […]

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Iran sent clear message to terrorists, their supporters by missile strikes

The Sunday night missile attacks on the ISIS terrorist group’s positions in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were not simply a retaliation to the June 7 terrorist attacks in Tehran by the terrorist group that targeted the Iranian parliament and the shrine of the founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini, but also a new page of Tehran’s ongoing war against regional terrorism.

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Turkish Companies Returning to Crimean Peninsula

Jim W. Dean – As more moral people in the West step forward to engage Crimea, the contrast with the geopolitical terrorists will become more and more obvious to where they will want to give up the ghost and accept the reality of Crimea

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Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly: “Are you completely out of your mind?”

I have been reading the Zionist media over the past few days to see what they said about the Putin/Kelly interview. It was quite interesting to observe that they tried very hard not to say that Kelly was incapable of following a rational point.

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Germany mulling over sanctions against the US

Jim W. Dean – The EU folks seem to have finally figured it out. If US sanctions can be dished out against Russian interests for any benefit the US wants to secure, then why not use them against others for the same reason?

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Bonfire of vanities: Saudi demands expose fear and loathing of Qatar

[Editor’s note: This list of 13 Saudi demands on Qatar reminds me of the list of demands given to Serbia by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914 after a Serb had shot dead Austrian Archduke Ferdinand. That list of demands was so strident, so harsh that it was intended to be unacceptable to the Serbs, who […]

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