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Why Feminism and the New World Order Fail – Veterans Today


  ..by Jonas E. Alexis   Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik confirms what we have been saying for the past two years or so: if ladies start to dress modestly, if they start to apply morality and simple precautions, they will make it more difficult for men to be titillated or aroused, which is […]

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Syrian-Iraqi War Report – December 15, 2017: Syrian Army Tightens Siege On Beit Jinn Pocket – Veterans Today


…from SouthFront The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have deployed a notable force for an operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the province of Idlib. According to pro-government sources, the operation will involve the SAA, the Tiger Forces, the National Defense Forces (NDF), the 4th […]

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Dark Secrets of The Wizards of Oz and Your Hero Within (part 1 of 4) – Veterans Today


By Braveheart for VT Part I: The Spells of a Wicked Agenda Journey with us to explore our stranger than fiction reality.  Return home a more informed and empowered person.  We live in a topsy-turvy world where humanity’s heroes journey is liken to that within the famed Wizard of Oz story.  Will we awaken from […]

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USA: No Need to Shrink – Veterans Today


Gold Backed Dollar

There is no need for the American economy to shrink in comparison to China. Please stand up! This morning I saw a very discouraging photo in Foreign Policy, in an article entitled published on December 8, “Don’t Trust China’s Opening of Its Financial Sector.” There is a balance and we are concerned about the national […]

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Most Americans say Trump should resign over sex allegations: Poll – Veterans Today


  A majority of American voters believe US President Donald Trump should resign due to the allegations of sexual harassment against him, according to several new surveys. The results of a Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday found that 53 percent of those surveyed said Trump should resign amid accusations from more than a dozen […]

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Trump has No Say on Who Rules Syria after Assad’s Victories – Ex-US Ambassador – Veterans Today


Jim W. Dean – Despite the continuing string of foreign policy and military disasters, the Deep State elites continue to snort their fake democracy crack, and litter the roadside behind them with death and destruction.

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US Congress takes no action on Iran sanctions as deadline passes – Veterans Today


Jim W. Dean – Pretty much the whole world, other than Israel, stands together on saving the JCPOA as opposed to Trump’s proposal. Then he pretends he has the magic wand to make Jerusalem the capitol of the Jewish people.

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TradCatKnight Radio, “Jerusalem Rising: Antichrist Cometh” – Veterans Today


TradCatKnight Radio, “Jerusalem Rising: Antichrist Cometh” Talk given 12-14-17 (aprx 1hr. 30 mins) Join me for the next hour and a half as I discuss: the NWO control of the right and left, Zionism is heresy, Trump the new Saviour or Zionist puppet? Archbishop Lefebvre on the False Resistance, true CounterRevolution, Medjugorje hoax, the antisemitism […]

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